Free Fire Holi Event 2022: Rewards, Leaks, Formats & All You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fight For Colour – Free Fire Holi Event 2022.

Garena Free Fire leaves no stones unturned in providing its users with the best gaming experience and incredible rewards. No wonder it is the most popular mobile royal battle title grabbing the attention of players across the world. The developers keep organizing intuitive and fun events just for keeping the players hooked on the game. They surely know how to take advantage of every possible occasion and festival especially in India thereby easily attracting new users every single day.

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Free Fire Holi Event 2022, titled Fight for Colour, is one such attempt by the creators which brings along fantastic rewards and prizes. Keep on scrolling to find out all the specifics of the FF Holi 2022 event.

All You Need To Know About Free Fire Holi 2022 Event

With the arrival of the biggest and most cherished festival of India – Holi, this survival shooter RPG unveiled the Fight for Colour event and this check-in event has already commenced from today i.e. 15th March 2022. Fight for Colour is an exclusive Free Fire Holi Event of 2022 which is set to conclude on 28th March 2022. To mention, it is the first-ever event in the mega event collection and is live only for the Indian servers.

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Here’s what the official Facebook posts by the Garena Free Fire says:

free fire holi eventSurvivors! Get ready to unleash the true colours in you and embark on the journey to look for the Demoness’s hideout & retrieve the missing colours. ??

Are you ready to join your Free Fire heroes to fight for colours?! Tell us in the comments below. ??

#FreeFireHoli #UnleashYourTrueColour

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 free-fire-holi-event.jpgThe wait is over as the Free Fire Holi exclusive event Fight For Colours is here! ?? Head to the game now and embark on the journey to look for the demoness who stole all the colours of Bermuda and fight to retrieve the colours. ??⚔️

#FreeFireHoli #UnleashYourTrueColour

FF Holi 2022 Event Format

This is the most fun and colourful event which you must not miss. In this event, all you have to do is select any desired paths and complete them to receive the rewards. The numerous paths of the event include:

  • Rainbow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Free Fire Holi 2022 Event Leaks

The major leaks of this exclusive event are listed below:

  • One- Hand Pushup
  • Magic Cube Fragment

FF Holi 2022 Event Rewards

This event allows you to get your hands on the below listed incredible items:

  • Punkster Runner 8
  • Level 8 Character Card
  • Custom/Room Card
  • Awakening Shard
  • Warrior’s Spirit Weapon Loot Crate

Free Fire Holi Check-In Event Rewards

With the start of the Holi Check-In Event today, you can claim legendary gun skin trials every day for free until 21st March 2022. Here’s a list of collectible skin:

  • Login 1 Day: M79 – Demolitionist & AN94 – Spikey Spine
  • Login 2 Day: MP5 – Demolitionist & M79 – Hipster Bunny
  • Login 3 Day: M1014 – Demolitionist & AWM – Duke Swallowtail
  • Login 4 Day: AUG – Party Animal & P90 – Rebel Academy
  • Login 5 Day: Woodpecker – Party Animal & SCAR – Mystic Seeker
  • Login 6 Day: M5000 – Party Animal & M60 – Spirited Overseers
  • Login 7 Day: SCAR – Party Animal, Groza – Great Plunder & Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate

How To Claim Free Fire Holi Check-In Event Rewards?

To redeem the gun skins trials for free simply go through the below steps:

  • Step 1: Open the game on your device.
  • Step 2: Tap on the Calendar icon on your right side of the lobby screen.Free fire Holi Event
  • Step 3: Go to the Holi Festival 28/3.
    Free fire Holi Event
  • Step 4: Click on the Holi Battle Check-In.Free fire Holi Event 1
  • Step 5: A list of rewards for each log-in day will appear on the screen.
  • Step 6: Claim to redeem the rewards.Free fire Holi Event
  • Step 7: Equip the gun skins from the weapon sections.Step 7: Equip the gun skins from the weapon sections.

Repeat Step 6 & Step 7 for all the Login Days.

With this, our guide on Free Fire Holi Event ends. You must also love other Free Fire articles on GamesAdda.