Top 5 Best Budgeting Apps In India (November 2022) – iOS & Android

Looking for apps to budget your expense? Then, here are all the best budgeting apps for you.

Nowadays saving and tracking money has become a huge problem. We spend our money with our own hands but at the end of the month, we have no idea where all the money went. But when there’s a problem there’s a solution too. So, to solve this common issue, there are so many Budgeting apps that you can get for free.

The market is flooded with Budgeting apps. Some are decent and well managed, but there are also some apps with not so many features and filled with bugs. Nobody has the time to go through all the apps and find the ideal one. But as your helping hands, we’re here to help and save your time.

List Of Top 5 Best Budgeting Apps (November 2022)

We’ve done all the research, you just need to go through the list below and choose the ideal app suitable for you.



Goodbudget is one of the most popular and most used Budgeting apps. This app has so many features and is very easy to use. With this, you can easily track your money and stay on top of your bills, finance, budget, etc. Goodbudget has so many main key features like:

  • Your data gets backed up automatically and securely on Goodbudget’s website.
  • You can also track your income vs spending report.
  • Plan your finance to stay on track with your budget.
  • It also carries over your unused funds and tells you to reward yourself for your fantastic self-control.

And many more basic features. You can download this app easily on your Android and iOS devices.



Walnut is also one of the best Budgeting apps. It automatically and securely tracks your expense and keeps you updated about them. This helps you to save more money and pay your bills on time. This has an excellent feature where the Walnut app analyzes your phone’s SMS inbox and keeps a track of your bookings and bills easily. It also has some brilliant key features like:

  • It closely keeps an eye on your credit card expenses and balances.
  • You can send money via BHIM UPI in it.
  • It also locates atm near you.
  • Makes your expense report in PDF and CSV format

And many more basic features. You can download Walnut for free on your Android and iOS devices.


monefy budgeting apps

Monefy is a good daily expense tracking app, which will surely make your life easier. It helps the user compare their monthly expenses and makes a monthly budget for them. Although you might face some occasional bugs, overall it’s a good money tracking app. It has many more key features like:

  • It helps you maintain a multi-currency track.
  • You can back up or export your financial data with a single tap.
  • You can also set a passcode and secure your data.
  • It also has a built-in calculator.

And many more Budgeting features. You can easily download Monefy on your Android and iOS devices.

Expense Manager

expense manager

Expense Manager is one of the easy-to-use, feature-rich Budgeting apps. It tracks all your expenses and manages them systematically. It’ll make your life easier and help you save more. However, as a downside, it contains too many ads. Its key features are:

  • It organizes all your bills by week, month, or year. And also has a daily progress bar.
  • Even works without an internet connection.
  • It has a feature where you can split your transactions.
  • Automatically backs up all your data in Dropbox, Google Drive, and even on your SD card.

And contains many more basic features. Expense Manager is free to download for your Android devices.

Click on the links to download the Android or the iOS version on your device.


wallet budgeting apps

Wallet is also one of the popular budgeting apps, that is specially designed to manage and track your expenses. It also plans you with all your future money management and centralizes your personal financial needs. Although, It has fewer features but, it’s very useful and pretty smooth to use.

  • Helps you arrange your bills and keeps you updated about the due dates.
  • It analysis all your upcoming payments, and keeps a report about how they’ll affect your cash flows.

And many more basic features. Wallet is free to download on your Android and iOS devices.

These are the top 5 best Budgeting apps you can download for free. As we all know Cryptocurrency is the future, and the very best way to earn money. So just save your money and invest them in the right place. And to help you with that here’s a list of the best apps to buy cryptocurrency, just check it out and start investing.