Best Cryptocurrency Apps To Use In India (June 2022)

Are you planning to invest in Cryptocurrency? Here are all the top 5 best apps to buy Cryptocurrency.

As we all know, technology is the future. And so is Cryptocurrency, the technological equivalent to money. Nowadays everybody wants to invest in Cryptocurrency and gain a large number of profits in their banks. It goes without saying, when the demand increases, supply too increases. Hence, the market is fully flooded with Cryptocurrency apps, so here, we’ve listed out some of the best ones that you should use if you are based in India.

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners (June 2022)

There are also apps that lure in the customers with great deals but aren’t fully safe and secured. But you don’t need to worry about that anymore, here is the list of best apps to buy Cryptocurrency.



WazirX is one of the fastest-growing Cryptocurrency apps. This app allows you to buy/invest using INR, BTC, US dollar, and P2P. They even have their own coin, which is known as WRX, and can be bought using INR. WazirX charges a fee of 0.2%, which is applicable to every taker and maker. The reason behind their speedy growth is their popular feature, where you can earn coins just by taking part in their contests. The minimum amount you can deposit in their wallet via NEFT, UPI, IMPS, and RTGS is just Rs 100.



You might have heard this app name quite a lot on social media. That’s because it’s one of the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency trading apps in the market. Zebpay has a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC per month. They have a 0.15% maker fee and 0.25 percent taker fee. But they also say that you should invest actively in order to avoid the additional fees. Zebpay also has a feature of refer and earn, so if you manage to add a friend, you’ll receive 50% of the trading fees made through your links for 1 year. The minimum amount you can deposit via UPI is Rs 100 and for other payment methods, you can deposit Rs 1000.



CoinDCX is also one of the oldest and the most trusted app. They allow you to buy and sell up to 200+ trade coins. And they charge 0.1% make and taker fee, with a minimum withdrawal of Rs 1,000. You can deposit money in the account via various methods, such as NEFT, UPI, IMPS, RTGS, and Bank transfer. But CoinDCX only supports indian currency in order to let you trade in Cryptos.

binance best cryptocurrency apps


If you’re a beginner and new to Cryptocurrency trade, Binance can be your helping hand. Binance is an Crypto trading app that offers low costs deals. They take commission amount of just 0.10% per slide. There is no minimum deposit limit in Binance, which is surely a good thing. they charge 0.1% maker and taker fee. And as a beginner if you’re wondering that how long does it take to verify yourself on binance, here’s a quick guide for you.

coinswitch kuber best cryptocurrency apps

CoinSwitch Kuber

You might have seen this ad quite a lot during the IPL recently. This Crypto trading app promises to offer the best deals and claims to let you trade in  up to 100+ Cryptos. CoinSwitch Kuber is trying very hard to compete with all the other Crypto trading apps. And they’ve also said that the first 100,000 users on the platform will get 100 days of fee free trading.

These are the top 5 best apps to buy Cryptocurrency. If you’re already an investor in Bitcoin, then here’s a article for you with Best Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Wallets.