Why Is Omegle Not Working And How To Fix It (2022)

Here are a few ways to fix the error connecting to the server issue being faced by users on the chatting site.

Omegle is an online text and video chat site where users can interact with anonymous strangers around the world. The site does not need any registration and users can maintain their privacy during the chats. While it is a great option to meet new people, few users have faced issues with the site not working.

There can be multiple reasons behind the site not working and, depending on the reason, multiple ways to fix it. Let us take a look at why Omegle might not be working for a few users and what can be done to fix it.

Why Is Omegle Not Working?


There can be a number of reasons behind Omegle not working. One reason could be that a user’s IP address might be banned from using Omegle. This can happen when users break the site’s terms of service or another user reports them. In addition, users that play any copyrighted material on their chat can also be flagged on the site.

Alternatively, the problem could be with the site server. In this case, there is nothing a user can do but wait for the issue to be resolved from the site’s end. This can sometimes happen when there is too much traffic on the site. Lastly, Omegle might experience the error connecting to the server issue when their DNS settings are outdated.

How To Fix Omegle Not Working?

There are multiple solutions that users can try to fix an error connecting to the server issue or other errors that might occur while trying to use Omegle. Let us take a look at these fixes below.

Use Omegle On A Different Device

This way users can discern if the issue is occurring only on their device or it is also plaguing other devices. In case the issue is only occurring on a single device, users might need to check their device settings and permissions. Sometimes, denying all permissions can also cause Omegle to malfunction. This is why shifting to a new device is a good option to  determine the cause of the problem.

Change The Network

Another fix for Omegle not working or having server connection error could be to switch the network. Doing this is simple. Instead of using the usual mode of connecting to the internet, use a different one. For example, if a user is connected through WiFi, they should switch to mobile data or a different WiFi connection and vice versa. Sometimes a specific IP address can be flagged on Omegle and cause issues when users try to access the site through them.

Install A VPN

Similar to the last point, if an IP address is flagged, a VPN can help users get around it. A VPN is a private network that users can connect to and keep their IP address private and anonymous. However, users should only download trustworthy VPN to their device. Options like Nord VPN and Norton Secure VPN are a good way to go.

Repair Corrupt System Files

Corrupt files can also be a reson behind Omegle not working properly. To counter this problem, users can scan for corrupt files and repair them using malware scanners. If this does not work, users can also try to repair the files manually. To do this, users can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns
  • A message will come up on screen to confirm that the command has been successful.
  • Now users must type ipconfig/release and wait for the success message.
  • In the same vein users must type the following command ipconfig/release6
  • Lastly, users should enter ipconfig/renew and close their browser.
  • After a few minutes, users can reopen their browser to check if Omegle is working properly now.

That is all there is to know about Omegle not working and how to fix it. For more tech content, check out How To Block Lost Or Stolen Mobile Phone Via IMEI Number?