Instagram: How To Fix Link In Bio Not Working Error?

Want to know how to fix Link In Bio feature not working error? Check out this guide.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and consists of millions of active users. As technology is evolving, this social media application has ceased to exist as a mere platform. It has become a virtual world where you can create, share, and expand your content’s reach to the world. However, a lot of users are facing the link in bio not working error on Instagram. If you’re one of the affected souls, you’re right where you need to be. In this guide, we have covered a few tricks that you can implement to fix the issue.

How to Fix Link In Bio Not Working Error on Instagram?

Link In Bio Not Working Error Fix Instagram

Here, we have mentioned a few fixes for link in bio not working error on Instagram. You can try these tricks one by one on your device and check if you can get rid of the problem. Sometimes, these errors occur when huge traffic is simultaneously active on the server. And hence it results in the server being down for a while. If that’s the crux of the problem, it is the developer’s headache and not yours.

However, you can try these solutions and hope for the best. The list of fixes is mentioned below. Glance through the list and try them out one at a time.

  • Upgrade to the Latest Version
  • Log out and Back In
  • Verify if the Link is Appropriate
  • Try Airplane Mode
  • Uninstall and Reinstall App

Upgrade to the Latest Version

Check if you have installed the latest version of the app. As the app goes through several upgrades, it is important to have the recently updated version. This affects the features that you use and link in bio is one of them. If you haven’t installed the latest version, please do and try again.

Log Out and Back In

If you have the latest version then you might want to log out and log back in to set things straight. This move will refresh your profile and hopefully kickstart the feature to life. Try this trick and see if it starts functioning.

Verify if the Link is Appropriate

You must ensure that the link is attached to the content which is approved by the app’s policy and regulations. Instagram has derived its unique set of appropriate content. Review the policy and check if you’re uploading legitimate content.

Try Airplane Mode

If the above tricks aren’t working, you can try and enable airplane mode on your device. It will refresh your network. Keep the mode on for a couple of minutes and switch it back and retry uploading the link.

Uninstall and Reinstall App

If nothing from the above set of fixes seems to be working, you can try removing the app from your device and reinstalling it.

These are some of the methods you can try to fix the link in bio not working on Instagram. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to scroll through other similar articles such as How to Create Instagram Reels on Desktop? and How to Find Liked Posts?