How To Customize Your Chromebook?

Know how you can change your wallpaper, browser theme, or customize the Shelf in Chromebook.

Chromebooks are run on Chrome OS which is designed to help users get tasks fast and efficiently. However, there are not a lot of customization options when it comes to Chromebook. That being said, there are a few ways to personalize it. In this guide, we will explain how users can customize their Chromebook and make it their own.

Let us take a look at the methods to do so below.

How To Customize Chromebook?

There are multiple ways to customize a Chromebook like changing the wallpaper, browser theme, or customizing the shelf. We have explained the method to personalize each of these options separately.

How To Change Wallpaper?


To change the wallpaper on their Chromebook, users can follow the instructions given below.

  • Users will first need to click on the status tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, users must click on the gear shaped Settings icon.
  • Users will now be taken to the Settings menu where they must choose the Personalization option.
  • Under this, users will see a Wallpaper option that they must select. In some devices, the option can also be Background.
  • Here, users must select a wallpaper from the various given choices. As soon as they click on the wallpaper, it willl automatically be applied. Users can also select custom wallpapers using the Browse option.

How To Change Browser Theme?


Users may also customize their browser theme to get a break from the default look. The steps given below will clarify how users can do this.

  • User can search for ‘chrome web store themes’ in their browser. The first result will usually direct users to the Themes section of the Chrome Web Store.
  • Now, users can select from the different themes available in  the store.
  • Once users have decided on a theme, they can click Add to Chrome to install the theme from the bottom of their screen.

How To Customize Chromebook Shelf?


Users can also customize their Chromebook Shelves in many ways. They can add, move, pin or remove apps as per their preference. We have explained each of these customization options below.

How To Add An App?

To add an app to the Chromebook Shelf:

  • Users must first find the app they want to add.
  • Then, users must right-click on the app icon. This will give users a number of options.
  • Select Pin to Shelf.
  • The App will now stay on the Chromebook Shelf till users move or delete it.

How To Change The Position Of An App?

If users are not satisfied with the position of the apps, they can reorder them. To change App positions:

  •  Users must select and long hold the app they want to reposition.
  • Now, the app must be dragged to the new position and released.
  • The position of the app should be changed to the new position users placed it in.

How To Remove An App?

It is quite simple to remove an app from the Chromebook Shelf. To remove an app:

  • Users must right-click on the app that they want to remove.
  • Now, they should get the option to Unpin. Select this option and the app will be removed from the Shelf.

This is how users can customize their Chromebook. We hope this guide was helpful for users. For more Tech guides, check out ChromeOS Flex: How To Install On Any Computer?