How To Get Divine Cupid In Survive the Killer

Divine Cupid is quite rare and valuable in Roblox Survive the Killer.

Survive The Killer is a Roblox horror game than requires players to either be Survivors or Killers. While a Survivor’s job is to hide from the Killer and escape being killed alongside their teammates, Killers need to annihilate the Survivors before the timer runs out. Players will get a number of characters if they choose to play as a killer. However, some killer characters, like the Divine Cupid, need to be unlocked in Survive the Killer.

Since all characters have their own unique skills and abilities, it is understandable why players want to try out the Divine Cupid. Let us find out how players can unlock this character in the game.

How To Unlock Divine Cupid In Survive the Killer?


It is not easy to get the Divine Cupid in Survive The Killer. Players looking to collect this rare character will need to follow one of the two ways listed below.

Buy The Divine Cupid Figure

The Divine Cupid Figure is available for purchase on eBay and Amazon. Players can purchase the figure here. With the figure, players will  also receive the toy code for the Divine Cupid character. To avail this code, players can go into the game and enter this code in the redeem codes section. After players have entered the code, they will get a Divine Cupid and Cupid’s Spear.

Trade With Other Roblox Players

Since the above option requires spending money in real life, it might not be viable for everyone. Luckily, there is another way to get the Divine Cupid. This is by trading for the character with other players in the game. However, since the Divine Cupid is quite valuable, players might have to part with a lot of in-game currency to acquire it.

This is how players can get the Divine Cupid in Survive The Killer. For more Survive The Killer guides, check out How To Get Crimson Crusader In Survive The Killer