How To Get Crimson Crusader In Survive The Killer

Crimson Crusader is a rare Knife that a Killer can use in Roblox Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer is a Roblox horror survival game. Players can either be Survivors or the Killer in the game. While Survivors need to hide and escape with their teammates, the Killer will try to take out the Survivors before the time runs out or they escape. Killers can choose from the myriad variety of weapons available to win the game. While some weapons are common, other weapons are very hard to get in the game. The Crimson Crusader is one such knife that is quite rare in Survive The Killer.

Players wondering how they can get their hands on the Crimson Crusader will find their answers in this article.

Crimson Crusader In Survive The Killer


Players can not obtain the Crimson Crusader through the Shop or as part of limited-time events and offers in Survive The Killer. Players can only get this knife if a community manager or developer gives it to them. Since community managers or developers only reward the active players, regularity is a must for players looking to win this knife for themselves. In addition, players should also make themselves helpful within the community. This includes guiding new players and not trolling other players in the game.

This Crimson-colored knife was added to the game in 2021. Since then, it has been quite popular within the game’s community. The reason behind this is the high trading value of the Crimson Crusader in Survive The Killer. In fact, it is similar to Fey’s Slycer in value. Players can get some high-value knives in exchange for it. Rarer weapons like the Galaxy or Wings Of Cupid 2020 can also be attained with the help of this knife.

The second way to obtain this weapon is through trading. Players can trade with other players in the game to get the Crimson Crusader.

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