Soulframe Website Code Puzzle: Register To Reserve Name

If you are stumped for answers, we got you covered.

Soulframe is a new game by the team of Warframe. The game offers players world-building and fantasy elements. The team behind the game has devised an innovative way for players to pre-register their names for the game. Players that want to reserve their name for Soulframe can do so by solving a code puzzle that is present on the game’s website. It is a fun and interactive way for players to learn more about the upcoming game.

However, if you are stuck trying to solve the Soulframe website code puzzle, we have you covered.

How To Solve The Soulframe Website Code Puzzle And Reserve Your Name?


Players that visit the official site for Soulframe will find themselves facing the code puzzle above. They will have to find the correct corresponding symbol for each letter in Ode Sky. Players can take their hints from the symbols of the words “Envoys Of” and apply them to the puzzle. This will still leave two letters that remain unsolved as they do not appear in the above words. Though with a little bit of fiddling players can easily figure out the symbols for these letters as well.

However, if players do not want to spend time trying to figure out the puzzle they can simply use the answer given in the image below.


To unlock the site, players can use the symbols below “Ode Sky”. This will unlock the site and players will have a glimpse of the cinematic trailer for the game. In addition, they will also get the option to reserve their Envoy Title for the game by sharing their e-mail and registering. Players can also choose to get updates about the game as well as claim a free reward on launch.


That is everything players need to know in order to register their name and solve the website code puzzle in Soulframe. For more gaming guides, Warframe: How To Farm Oxium