Warframe: How To Farm Oxium In 2022?

Here is everything you need to know about oxium in Warframe.

Oxium is a rare alloy of Orokin origin that is lighter than air used for Corpus Robotics. They can be farmed only during drops by Oxium Ospreys. Players have to kill spawning Oxium Ospreys at different locations in Warframe for them to explode and farm Oxium.

If you are having difficulty finding locations of Oxium Ospreys then don’t worry, we have compiled a list of all possible locations where you can find and farm Oxium in Warframe.

How To Farm Oxium In Warframe?

Warframe oxium farm

There are many locations in Warframe where Oxium Ospreys spawn in abundance. All we suggest you here is to play in a group to give a tough fight to spawning enemies and collect as much Oxium as you can.

Here is a list of all the locations where players can farm maximum Oxium in Warframe.

IO (Jupiter)

This is the easiest planet where you can get maximum Oxium Ospreys and farm Oxium in Warframe. IO is one of the moons on Jupiter where you can land and get started with any Corpus mission, find the Oxium Ospreys, and kill them to collect Oxium in drops.

Survive for more than 20 enemy waves in the corpus mission here then you can get enough Oxium to craft your weapons and frames.

Elara (Jupiter)

If you are looking for ways to farm different resources along with Oxium then Elara can be the best location for you. Elora has other resources along with Oxium that you can opt for in the game.

Outer Terminus (Pluto)

The outer terminus of Pluto is the best location to farm Oxium in Warframe. But it will not come your way easily. Pluto has a lot of challenges set on your way to get the Oxium. Therefore, you can always choose to head there with your team to kill all the enemies and get maximum Oxium in the game.

This is everything you need to know about how to farm Oxium in Warframe. Check out another article to know the best locations to farm Orokin cells in Warframe.