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5 Best SMG In COD Mobile (November 2022)

Have you ever wondered what the best SMG guns in COD Mobile are?

COD Mobile is a first-person shooter game that has become a mainstay in the gaming community. As a shooter game, guns obviously play a massive role in CODM. SMG guns provide the speed that can prove lethal for mid to close range in the game. However, not all SMGs are interchangeable in the game. Have you ever wondered what the best SMG guns in COD Mobile are? Take a look at the list below to find out.

Top 5 SMG Guns In COD Mobile

Listed below are 5 of the best SMG guns in CODM. Most of these guns would work for all types of game styles and players. However, some of them require a little experience to deliver their best performance.



A fully automatic SMG, the QQ9 delivers high damage as well as high mobility. It has a fast fire rate with good accuracy making it one of the best SMG guns in COD Mobile. In addition, you can get an impressive magazine size and a decent recoil with the QQ9. All of these qualities make this SMG absolutely devastating in close-range combat. It is also one of the best SMGs to have in mid-quarter action.

PP19 Bizon


PP19 Bizon is a balanced SMG that is reliable and offers high mobility. It was introduced in CODM during Season 3 and has become the preferred SMG choice since then. The best about this gun is its magazine size than can easily rival an LMG. You can just riddle the opponent with bullets while they go for a reload. Moreover, the PP19 Bizon offers good agility and is quite simple to use. Beginners will not have any trouble handling this SMG. In the end, it is a great SMG gun to have in your arsenal.



CBR4 made its way to CODM during Season 10. Since its release, the CBR4 has made quite an impression on the CODM community. It is a great gun to go mid and even longer-range with. Additionally, it offers a great time to kill with better consistency than a lot of SMGs. The only issue that you might face with this gun is its recoil. You will need some practice and experience before using this gun to its maximum potential.



The QXR has seen its ups and downs in CODM. At one point in time, it was absolutely one of the best SMG guns in COD Mobile. After it got nerfed, it has been brought down a few pegs. It is still a pretty great gun and absolutely lethal in the hands of the right player. However, you might be put off by the terrible damage drop at range and the unreliable ADS movement. That being said, experienced players can still prove why this is one of the best SMG guns in Call of Duty Mobile.



Fennec is one of the better SMG guns offered by CODM but is it the best? That largely depends on the player wielding it. This gun requires precise handling and will need a player that can control the recoil and keep a bullet count for it. Moreover, just like the QXR, this gun also has a terrible damage drop at range. It is not all bad news with this SMG  though. Experienced players can make use of its fast time to kill and dominate in the game. Due to this fact, the Fennec can not be counted out of the race for the best SMG in the game. Are there better SMGs on offer? Yes. Are there worse SMGs on offer? Also Yes. It depends on the player if they are able to get the most out of this gun.

These are the best SMG guns available in COD Mobile right now. For more Call of Duty content, check out All CODM Operator Skills (February 2022)