How To Put A Saddle On A Horse In Minecraft

This guide will tell you how to get a speedy companion in the game

Minecraft is a sandbox video game where players can farm, build, fight, and go on epic adventures. Players can also commandeer a noble steed to carry them around the game faster. However, putting a saddle on a horse is not the most straightforward thing to do in Minecraft. Players will need to be patient and try a few times before they will be able to find and tame a horse in Minecraft. In today’s guide, we will explain where players can find horses, and how they can tame and put a saddle on them to enjoy a horseback ride in the game.

How To Saddle A Horse In Minecraft?



Before players can saddle a horse in Minecraft, they must find and tame one. Let us take a look at how players can accomplish these things in Minecraft below.

How To Find A Horse?


Players have a good chance of finding a horse in the Plain biomes. The Plain biomes are large empty fields with green grass. Another good place to find a horse is the Savanna biomes which players can spot by looking out for the Acacia trees. In addition, players can also find horses in Minecraft villages. Players can get these horses from trading villagers. Alternatively, players can also use a spawn egg to get a horse in the game. If nothing else works, players can also use cheats to summon a horse. However, it shouldn’t be necessary as horses are found fairly commonly in Minecraft.

How To Get A Saddle In Minecraft?

There are a number of ways to get a saddle in Minecraft. We have mentioned all of these methods below and players can pick whichever way they find the most convenient.


  • Trading: Players can trade with Minecraft villagers to get the Saddle in exchange of emeralds.
  • Fishing
  • Looting
  • Mining: Players can mine in the Abandoned mineshafts, Nether fortress chests, and dungeons chests for Saddle. They can also get Saddle while mining buried treasure in Desert temples.
  • Killing a ravager
  • Minecraft cheats
  • Minecraft commands
  • Exploring a blacksmith villager’s building

How To Tame A Horse?

After getting a saddle and finding a horse in the wild, players will need to tame the horse. This won’t be the easiest thing to do as the horse will try to escape. In such a case, players will need to keep chasing the horse and trying to mount it until it stops bucking and lets the player ride it. This might take a few attempts and the horse might also escape if players do not keep up. Therefore, a lot of patience and persistence will be required to tame and saddle a horse in Minecraft.


However, once players have tamed a horse, they will have a quicker method of travelling around the game.

How To Saddle A Horse In Minecraft?

Players can ride a horse without a saddle in Minecraft. However, a Saddle gives greater control to players when riding in the game. They can steer the horse where they want and control the activities of the horse. Moreover, players can also automate riding paths with a saddle. Keeping all this in mind, players might want to place a saddle on their horses after they have been tamed in the game.

To put a saddle on a horse, players will need to have a saddle in their hand. Now, players can simply right-click the horse to automatically place the saddle on them. Once the saddle has been placed, players will see hearts on their screen. This is a notification that the horse has been properly saddled and is ready to gallop around the Minecraft landscape with players. Players should ensure that the saddle has been placed properly or it could injure the horse. The Saddle can be stored in the inventory when not in use.

How To Mount A Horse?

After all the hard work, all that remain to be done is to mount the saddled horse. This can be done by right-clicking the horse. Now, that players have their own horse in Minecraft, they can gallop across the game with haste.

That is all about how players can find, tame, saddle and ride a horse in Minecraft. For more Minecraft content, check out Minecraft: How To Make A Farmer Villager?


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