Minecraft: How To Make A Farmer Villager?

Farmer Villagers tend to the crops in Minecraft within the settlement boundary.

Minecraft is a game that provides infinite possibilities to its players. They can be virtually anyone they want in the game and build the most amazing habitats. Farming is one of the jobs available in the game. Farmer Villagers tend to the crops in Minecraft within the settlement boundary. These Farmer Villagers can be quite useful in the game as players can trade with them for resources. A Farmer Villager can produce a number of products like potatoes, apples, pumpkin, melon, and wheat that players can then buy. Moreover, once Villagers have a job within the village they tend to stick around longer. The question that now comes up is how can you make Farmer Villagers in Minecraft? Keep reading as we will tell you exactly how you can do this.

Farmer Villager In Minecraft

It is quite simple to assign the Farmer job to Villagers in Minecraft. All players need to do is create a composter in their village. To make a composter players will require 7 slabs of any type of wood. After acquiring these, place them on the crafting table and make slabs. Next, create a U shape with the slabs on the crafting table. This will create a composter. After this players can simply find jobless villagers and place the composter where it is accessible to them. That is all players need to do as jobless villagers will automatically accept the job. Composters can also be placed inside houses to provide your Village Farmers with a work-from-home experience.

Minecraft Farmer Villager

If at any point in time players wish to change their villager’s job, they can destroy the job site block. This will make the villager jobless. However, destroying the job block will make the villager pretty angry. They will still accept the new job offered if another vacant job block is placed near them. Keep in mind that Nitwits cannot change jobs in Minecraft.

That is all there is to know about making a Farmer Villager in Minecraft.

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