Psychonauts 2: Where To Find Emotional Baggage in Lobotos Labyrinth?

Psychonauts 2 is a game full of collectables, emotional baggage is one of them. Here's how you can find them!

Psychonauts 2 was recently released and people are really loving it. There are loads of mini-missions to complete and collectables to collect. Emotional Bagge is one of these collectables alongside Figments, Memory Vaults, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

Emotional Baggage is literal bags found in the minds or the Mental World which Raz enters. These bags quite literally depict that person’s emotional baggage.

“According to the description of Psychonauts 2, everyone has Emotional Baggage that needs to be sorted. You can help this bag’s lost TAG. Every 5 you reunite will grant a RANK!”

To explain this, the collectable requires you to find these bags hidden in your mind. Each bag has a matching tag that you can find to resolve the bags issue and get it to stop crying.

Psychonauts 2: Emotional Baggage Collectibles List

There are a total number of 5 bags that are included in the Emotional Baggage. Each level that you play will have these bags and tags that you need to find. Not all levels will have all 5 tags, some might have only a couple of them.

Here is the location for all 5 Emotional Baggages in the first level which is Lobotos Labyrinth.

1. Dufflebag

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

You will find this bag on top of a photocopy machine in the office where you have your first fight. After Coach Oleander tells Raz to open the teeth door, heads to the staircase to find the bag.

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

Move around the office and you will find the bag behind desks that are stacked with paper.

2. Hatbox

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

On opening the second teeth door, you’ll hear Sasha screaming for help whilst in a fight. Head over to help him and on the way, you’ll be able to see the hatbox tag.

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location
The bag can only be found on learning the pyrokinesis ability. You’ll enter a room full of flammable posters. All you have to do is burn the giant frame of Dr. Loboto on the wall. It will reveal a hidden office that has a hatbox.

3. Purse

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

This bag can only be found when you return to the Labyrinth using Collective Unconscious. Head over to the pyrokinesis poster room and go to the office. You’ll spot the bag kept on top of a bookshelf.

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location
The tag can be found in the Dental Void area of the game where you learn the levitation ability.

4. Steamer Trunk

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

You need to have the Mental Connected ability to acquire this bag. Go to the teeth tunnel section and go down the slope where you will see a metal connection chain on your right. You’ll see the trunk when you cross this chain.

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

The tag can be found in the Dental Void area just before you jump in the hole that takes you to the electrified teeth tunnel. Using the mental connection, jump between the thought bubbles on the right and you will see the tag on top of a dental mirror.

5. Suitcase

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

The bag can only be found when returning to Lobotos Labyrinth using Collective Unconscious. The tag however can be spotted sitting across the floating set of teeth. Head down the electrified teeth tunnel to get here.

Psychonauts 2 Collectables Location

If you do return to Lobotos Labyrinth, head over to the office where you saved Sasha and locate the teeth poster. Burn the poster to find the baggage.

Finding all five of these bags will complete the Emotional Baggage in Lobotos Labyrinth level.

Why is Emotional Baggage Important?

There are a lot of collectables in the game that is used for different things. Emotional baggage helps you increase your intern rank and also makes your Razputin stronger.

All you need to do is combine your bags with the appropriate tag. On collecting 5 of these bags, you rank up by 1 level.

We hope you find all the Emotional Baggage bags and tags. Our team will keep you updated on the bag locations in other levels so keep an eye out! If you want to complete the Find Queepie mission for Psychonauts 2, click here.