Palia: Best Romance Character Guide

Did you know that you can form romantic relationships in Palia? If not, this article is here to guide you through it.

Palia has some of the best characters especially made to add a unique romance element to the game. You can form friendships, but also keep increasing the friendship level and take it to a romantic stage. Currently, there are only friendship levels available, according to the devs the romance levels will be unlocked in the coming future. But for now, let’s look at the candidates available for it as after the friendship level you will reach the romance level once developed.

Best Romance Characters in Palia

1. Tish

tish romance character palia

On number one we have Tish, who is completely a romantic character who fits the description of our Romance guide for Palia. She is the sweetest and is recovering from a health condition.

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Crafts artistic furniture.
  • Gifts she loves – Silk Thread.
  • Gifts she likes – Elder Sernuk Antlers, Treasure Chests, Sundrop Lily, Sernuk Antlers, Pearl, Green Pearl, and Copper Bar.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

2. Nai’o

nai'o palia

Nai’o is a good son and brother and a gentleman in general. He is one of the best male Romance characters in Palia.

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Farmer on the family farm.
  • Gifts he loves – Quality Up Fertilizer and Iron Bar.
  • Gifts he likes – Sernuk Meat, Acorn, Sernuk Hide, Sernuk Antlers, Copper Bar, Chapaa Meat, Chapaa Fur.
  • In a relationship with – Kenyatta

3. Kenyatta

kenyatta palia romance

Kenyatta is the Magistrate’s daughter and a rebel. However, she may seem tough but is full of warmth once you get to know her.

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Works at the Office.
  • Gifts she loves – Meaty Stir Fry and Proudhorn Sernuk Antler.
  • Gifts she likes – Green Pearl, Silk Thread, Sernuk Antlers, Sernuk Hide, Purple Crackling Firework, Pearl, Chapaa Fur.
  • In a relationship with – Nai’o

4. Einar

einar palia

Einar may seem shy but makes a really cute friend and romantic character in the game. He is like a robot who loves fishing from the Golem culture.

  • Age – More than 3000 years.
  • Occupation – Runs the fishing shack.
  • Gifts he loves – Mottled Gobi and Pebble.
  • Gifts he likes – Fish.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

5. Reth

reth palia romance

Reth is charming and a little boasting about his cooking. But will make a great partner who will always cook for you.

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Day shifts at the Inn.
  • Gifts he loves – Apple Jam.
  • Gifts he likes – Creamy Carrot Soup, Hearty Vegetable Soup, Wild Garlic, Sweet Leaf, Ramen, Potato, Onion, and Grilled Meat.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

6. Jina

jina romance

You met Jina as the first NPC when you enter the world of Palia. Wouldn’t it be great if you two hit it off till the end?

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Apprentice Scholar at Bahari Institute.
  • Gifts she loves – Dari Cloves and Mutated Angler.
  • Gifs she likes – Flint, Pickled Potatoes, Pearl, Mountain Morel, Green Pearl, and Brightshroom.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

7. Hassian

hassain romance

A hunter who seems tough but will be highly protective of you if he falls for you.

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Skilled Hunter.
  • Gifts he loves – Proudhorn Sernuk Antler.
  • Gifts he likes – Chapaa Fur, Steak Dinner, Grilled Meat, Standard Arrow, Dispel Arrow, Spotted Chapaa Tail, Silk Thread, Sernuk Hide, Sernuk Antlers, Ramen, Flint, and Copper Bar.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

8. Tamala


Tamala is someone who it will be difficult to romance within Palia. But she is worth it, after all, who wouldn’t want to date a witch?

  • Age – Adult.
  • Occupation – Skilled potion-maker.
  • Gifts she loves – Green Pearl.
  • Gifts she likes – Spice Sprouts, Sernuk Hide, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Copper Bar, and Chapaa Fur.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

9. Jel


Last but not least is Jel. The fashion influencer of the village, who is available as a romance character too!

  • Age – Young adult.
  • Occupation – Skilled tailor and fashion lover.
  • Gifts he loves – Vampire Crab.
  • Gifts he likes – Briar Daisy, Sundrop Lily, Sernuk Hide, Sernuk Antlers, Pearl, Kilima Catfish, Fabric, and Crystal Lake Lotus.
  • In a relationship with – No one.

When you successfully form a relationship with an NPC, they will gift you a pin to wear. Then the villagers will see the pin and acknowledge your relationship with them. So these were our nine romantic partners available in Palia. You can also have multiple partners in the game. However, every relationship starts with friendship and you will have to gift them weekly to increase your relations with the ones you are looking forward to date.

That’s a wrap on the best romance characters in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Worm Farm in Palia.