MLB The Show 21: How To Stop Check Swing?

Learn how to stop check swing in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 has been released only a few days ago, and several players have already started exploring various aspects of the game. Considering the attention it received, the game clearly succeeded in providing the ultimate virtual Baseball experience.

However, since the game is brand new, players are still getting a hang of it and searching the internet for stuff like how to bunt, how to change a player’s position, how to level up quickly, and more.

You’re probably here because you’re having problems with check-swing and want to know how to stop check swing in MLB The Show 21. So, leave your worries to me and keep scrolling to find the answer.

How To Stop Check Swing In MLB The Show 21?

When the player is at the plate, the game instructs him to take a check swing, which is fine as long as the pitch is outside, the bat does not cross the plate, and the pitch is declared a ball. The game’s AI influences the check swing, but such involvement might turn the game against you by resulting in a strikeout. That is when you feel the need to take control in order to avoid unwanted check swing.

Unfortunately, there is no setting in the game that allows you to shut it off manually. But the good thing is that I know how to prevent check swing. Just read the below instructions carefully.

  • You must check the swing in MLB The Show 21 by tapping the swing button. When the ball hits the plate, make sure to tap it just at the right moment. Only then can you avoid a strikeout.
  • Do not keep tapping the swing button as this would excessively check the swing; instead, press it firmly.
  • Another way is to commit to it by using the left analog stick.

That’s it! Did you understand how to stop a check swing in MLB The Show 21? You may also be interested in learning how to get called up in MLB The Show 21’s RTTS.m