How To Bunt In MLB The Show 21?

It is important that you understand how to bunt in MLBB The Show 21. The reasons for this, as well as the process for doing so, are given below.

The latest edition of the most interesting and most loved game MLB: The Show 21 is now launched on Xbox and PlayStation. Sports fans are already giving this game a try since it has outstanding features and is a brilliant creation.

Hence, you must have started to enjoy the game, either solo or fighting against your friends. Whichever mode you play in, bunting is important for a variety of reasons. Whether you like it or not, you should know how to bunt in MLB The Show 21, and if you don’t, let me help you.

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How To Bunt In MLB The Show 21?

I know that the mere thought of an age-old baseball tradition, bunting, is enough to irritate any player. It is something that needs to be implemented depending on the situation or need. It is best if you drop a hunt and allow a pitcher who is dominating or at the plate to advance a runner on the base. This helps you to score an easy hit while turning the game in your favor.

Here are the instructions for how to bunt in MLB The Show 21. Read them carefully.

  • Start with holding a Y on Xbox or a triangle on PlayStation in order for the batter to square around and hold the bottom of the baseball bat in the zone.
  • You will automatically make contact with the ball if the pitch is in a place otherwise let go of the button, let the pitcher get into place & take that ball eventually.
  • Leaving a bunt on unhittable pitch counts as a strike.
  • Avoid bunting with 2 strikes as a ball foul means you will immediately strikeout.
  • You can determine the side of the infield you want to bunt to by pushing the right stick in that direction before the pitch enters.

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  • Consider your bunting direction fixed the moment your controller rumbles.
  • Upon tapping the button as the pitch comes in you can also perform a drag bunt as well.  This would cause the batter to skip the bunt as they run to first base. This technique is for quick players. It is, though, difficult to handle, and will be struck out if the pitch is unhittable. As a result, it is a bit risky.

Here’s a tip: Sacrifice the bunt to a runner whenever possible to enjoy the trophies & achievement associated with it.

This concludes our guide on how to bunt, and if you found it helpful, why not check out our other MLB: The Show 21 guides here?