MIR4 Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Faster In MIR4?

Here is everything you need to know to level up faster in MIR4.

MIR4 is a massively popular play-to-earn game released for Mobile and PC. Like every other game, MIR4 is also full of quests and missions for players to complete. This makes it a little uneasy for all beginners to decide what they should focus on when it comes to level up faster in MIR4.

If you are also a beginner and looking for a guide that will help you level up faster in MIR4, then here you go! Let’s see how you can level up quickly before your friends.

How To Level Up Faster In MIR4?

level up faster in MIR4

  • It is best to start your progression with the main story quest. It will help you understand the game’s basic mechanics and gradually level up faster in the game. There are a lot of modes and features in MIR4 that one might feel difficult to understand in beginning, but starting the game from here will help you understand every basic stage of the game. This will not only provide you with all the keybinds and loopholes but also make you an expert for the long run.
  • The main quest involves several daily events that will reward you with coins and gifts that you can use in the game. The main reason to start the game from here is that it will help you learn all the basics about farming, grinding, and combats.
  • Next is to choose the best class for yourself according to your skills. There are several classes for all the players to choose from in MIR4 and every class has its own set of special skills. So we suggest you analyze your skills and then decide which class you would like to go to!
  • Though you will come across a lot of rumors about some classes being best and worst. But we would like to put a little light on that and clear the confusion. All classes have a set of skills and features that others may lack. That does not make any class strong or weak. So you can choose what you think is best for you and level up faster in MIR4.
  • Switch between auto-combat and manual mode during fights. Auto combat mode makes it very easy when you have to defeat small monsters. But it isn’t that useful when it comes to the boss fights with giant monsters. These giant monsters are capable of kicking you off in a few seconds in auto-combat mode. Therefore try and switch to manual mode every time you get into a boss fight with any giant monster.
  • Take up the daily missions to earn all the resources and experience and level up faster in MIR4. Once you unlock the daily mission feature in MIR4 you will get a list of a few missions here to complete and earn resources. There is a long list of daily missions but you can only take 30 missions per day. These are easy and quick tasks that not only reward you but also help you improve your gameplay.
  • It is mandatory to keep all your skills and gears updated all the time. You never know when you will need which gear or skill of your character in MIR4. Therefore make sure to update them from time to time when you have enough energy gathered. Complete the daily missions or meditate at meditation spots to get energy in MIR4.

The above-mentioned tips to level up faster in MIR4 are gathered from our personal experience. And we look forward to updating the article with more such tips and tricks as we go further in the game. Bookmark this article and do come back here again for more such tips.

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