New Juice WRLD Skin Coming To Fortnite?

Everything you need to know about the late rapper, JUICE WRLD's entry into the Fortnite universe as a character skin.

With the latest season of Fortnite bringing in a ton of great new features, it’s no wonder that fans are excited to see new skins come into the game. Juice WRLD was a big fan of the game and so, having a Juice WRLD skin in Fortnite would be a great honour.

When is the Juice WRLD Skin Coming to Fortnite?


Juice Wrld Skin Fortnite

A new prototype has come out and has fans excited to get this skin to play as one of their favourite rappers. FallenLeaks, a Twitter user has recently posted a video of Juice’s manager, Peter Jideonwo as he talks about meeting with Epic Games in the next week to work on getting the skin out in the game.

Footage of Pete’s Confirmation of Juice Wrld skin


He has been trying to get the rapper into the game for a while now and is hoping to get Juice in this season. With the rapper’s song, Come and Go being a hit in the game itself, there is a big demand to actually play as Juice in the game.

Of course, there are opposing views from other fans that see this collab to be more of a cash grab than a tribute to the late rapper. This could be a reason why the collaboration has taken so long to process. As we all know, Fortnite hasn’t been known to shy away from collabs with other brands and characters.

Even though we would have loved to have a concert done by the rapper. With Billie Eilish doing one in the game already, this seems unlikely. Nevertheless, we are all excited to see the new skin! and hope that it is as good as the prototype looks to be.


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