Minecraft Pocket Edition: How to Download and Install Skins

Here's how to change your skin on Minecraft PE.

In a world-building game as big as Minecraft, one of the best things that you can do is customisation. The ability to make something your own is so fulfilling and makes the game that much more interesting. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t as artistically inclined as others and so, we prefer downloading skins instead. With the large community of creators making these skins for us, there is an infinite amount of possibilities out there. From your favourite character to a more abstract concept, there is a skin out there for all of us. Here is your Minecraft Pocket Edition on how to download and install skins.

How to Change my Character’s Skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition?


How to Download and Install Skins

While there are a number of characters that you can change the skins of, this is a guide on how you can change the skin of your protagonist and not that of other entities in the game.

To change the skin of your character, you can look up a variety of community skin websites such as minecraftskins.com, minecraft.novaskin.me, mcpedl.com; where you can find tons of skins for free. To use the skins, you can follow these simple steps as listed below.


How to Download Skins?

  • Go to the site of your choice
  • Search for the character or idea in the search bar
  • Scroll till you find the skin to your liking
  • Click on Download
  • Check the folder where the PNG file has downloaded
  • See if the image is low quality

How to Install Skins?


  • Run the Minecraft app on your device
  • Click on Profile
  • Choose the character that you want to customise
  • Click on Edit character
  • Go to the Owned section
  • Click on Import
  • Click on New Skin
  • Select the PNG skin file
  • Click on Open
  • Now Select your preference of Classic or Slim model type

And done! You now have a new skin on your character and can now play the game as anything, from the invisible man, to lava to a skeleton on fire. The world is your oyster and chances are that if you have thought of it, someone else has already made it. So go on out there and play around with your character to see what all you can make out of it today!

If you haven’t downloaded the game already then now’s your chance to Download and play Minecraft Pocket Edition.