How to Find & Destroy the Fortnite IO Build Jammer?

How to find and destroy the IO Build Jammers in Fortnite.

The latest season is out and it’s time to join the resistance. The Imagined Order must be defeated and it is your job to make sure that happens. In this challenge, the increasingly difficult quests ensure that you are kept on your toes as you try to fight the IO. One such difficult quest is the destruction of an IO build jammer. So today let’s look at how to destroy the IO Build Jammer in Fortnite.

Where to Find & Destroy the Cloaked IO Build Jammer?


How to Destroy the Cloaked IO Build Jammer

Easy to wreck but not as easy to find, this is one of the more difficult quests in the game as many have not been able to easily find the cloaked IO build jammers on their own. But once you do, it is easy to destroy and complete your task.

The Cloaked Build Jammers are difficult to find as they are invisible. They only come out of hiding when you come close to them. While you only need to destroy one to complete the quest, here are a few locations where you can find and destroy the IO build jammer in Fortnite:


  • West of Tilted Towers
  • Southeast of Tilted Towers
  • North of Camp Cuddle
  • Daily Bugle
  • On the coast northeast of Daily Bugle

This is probably not a complete list but we are unsure about the whereabouts of those that we haven’t found yet.

Roam around these locations and you will soon find the build jammer that will reveal itself when you come close. You can now destroy the jammer with whatever weapons you have at your disposal.


That’s it from us, folks. We hope that you have found this guide on how to destroy cloaked IO Build Jammers helpful. If you aren’t interested in facing the resistance then check out this article on How To Use Remote Explosives (C4) In Fortnite, either way, you will enjoy the game and all that it has to offer.