How to Use Remote Explosives (C4) in Fortnite

It's time to send your enemies flying away from a safe distance away.

Introduced in season 3, the Remote Explosive is a throwable weapon of great destruction. Just one explosion can lead to body damage of 60 and structural damage of 800. Knowing these stats, it is understandable that we do not want to be in the vicinity of our dear explosive when it goes off. Here is your guide on how to use remote explosives in Fortnite to help you win that Victory Royale and be the best of the best. At throwing explosives at least.

How to Use Remote Explosives (C4) in Fortnite?


How to successfully Use Remote Explosives (C4) in Fortnite?

Throw the explosive with the attack button and use the aim button to detonate it. Practice in desolate neighborhoods so that when you use them in an actual match, you do it well.

Remote explosives are detonated when shot and so, it is best to throw it and have it stick to a surface or vehicle. Keep a safe distance between you (as well as your teammates) and the C4 before you set it off. This is a manual explosive and so, ownership can be transferred if someone else shoots it. Be careful out there!


The max amount of explosives that any one player can place is 5 full stacks of 6 (30 explosives in total). There is a short delay before detonation, with one going off after another. And so, you can plant C4 in the battlefield to set up a trap.

Remember, this is one weapon that has no real master. If an enemy shoots your bomb while you are close to it, you will be damaged to the max. And so, it is best to keep your eyes peeled for bomber vehicles lined with remote explosives.

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