FIFA 22: How To Qualify For FUT Champs?

Get Champions Qualification Points (CQT) to Qualify FUT Champs.

It is pretty confusing to find out how to qualify for FUT Champs in FIFA 22. The game also seems highly confusing and isn’t very helpful about how to go about the same. This creates huge confusion about how to actually take part in the game mode among most of the FIFA 22 players. With the help of this guide, you will be able to find out the same.

So without any further ado, let us get started with our guide on how to qualify in FUT champs in FIFA 22.


How to qualify for FUT Champs in FIFA 22?

Qualify For FUT Champs FIFA 22

To qualify in the FUT Champs players will need to earn some Champions Qualification Points (CQP). To earn these points you will have to play the Division Rivals game mode in FIFA 22. According to the new Season 3 rules, you will have to earn at least 1250 points to qualify in the champs. This in turn will make you eligible for the playoffs. Win the matches in the said mode and climb the ladder towards the qualifying round of the champs. Once you get the required amount of wins in the match and you collect the CQP, you will qualify for the FUT Champions in FIFA 22.


Depending on the number of points you earn in FUT Champs, you will get a chance to earn special rewards in the game. If you get a particular amount of points, you can also get a Finals Qualification Token. This will also allow you to take part in the Champions Finals in FIFA 22. Luckily unlike previous versions of the game, there is no real stress of re-qualification in the FUT champs. Players can take part in FUT Champs as many times as they want and only your best attempt will count. This means every player gets more chances to get exclusive rewards.

This is everything you need to know about how to qualify for FUT Champs in FIFA 22. Check out another article on FIFA 22 no loss glitch.