Fallout 76: How To Hack A Terminal?

There are three levels of terminal hacking difficulty in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is an action RPG game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is a prequel to the previous games in the Fallout series. Taking place in 2102, Fallout 76 is timed 25 years after the catastrophic nuclear war. There are a lot of quests in the game that can prove challenging for players. Hacking a terminal is definitely one of these quests. Many players have been flummoxed by these craft puzzles while others had difficulty locating them. So, today we will discuss everything from how to hack a terminal to their location in Fallout 76.

How To Hack A Terminal In Fallout 76?



Hacking a terminal is not easy in Fallout 76. There are three levels of terminal hacking difficulty in the game. While a Level 0 terminal can be hacked by anyone at any time, a level 3 terminal would require more specialization. In fact, all terminals that have a difficulty level above 0 would require a hacking perk card. There are 3 hacking perk cards in Fallout 76. These are Hacker, Expert Hacker, and Master Hacker. To hack a level 3 terminal, players would require all three perk cards. Each perk card gives a +1 hacking ability to the player.

Now, we come to the difficult part. Once players find a terminal, they will see random letters, symbols, and numbers across its screen. Players will need to gauge the password from this arbitrary display. One of the words on the screen is the correct password and players would have to put on their detective hats to find out which one it is. This will require quite a few trials before players hit the right answer unless they are exceptionally lucky.


In case, players fail to pick the correct password on the first go, the game will help players with a likeness rating. This hints to the players how many of their letters are in the right place. Moreover, players will only have a limited number of attempts before they are locked out of the terminal for a few seconds. They can always try hacking the terminal again after the lockout is over.

Now that players know how to hack a terminal in Fallout 76, they can start earning their rewards. For more Fallout 76 content, check out Fallout 76 Nuke Codes: How To Launch Fallout Nuke Codes?


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