CSGO Mission Week 2 And 3: Operation Riptide Week 3 Leaked

If you're following Operation Riptide closely, this article is for you. Know all about the Week 2 and Week 3 Missions.

The new Operation Riptide in CSGO has different missions every week to complete to get Stars. The weekly missions for Week 2 are now available on CSGO. They have lots of new challenges and also include having to play on one of the new maps. You can earn 6 stars in total by completing these missions. Here is everything about the CSGO Mission Week 2 And 3.

CSGO Mission Week 2

Competitive – Short Match – Basalt

You can get 3 stars by completing this mission. Either you win 21 rounds in multiple different matches or you can win 1 single match in Basalt. Basalt is one of the new maps in CSGO. This is a very easy 3 stars as you can just play one short match and win it to earn them. If you don’t win a match in Basalt you can just keep playing over and over until you win 21 rounds in total.

Guardian – Amphibious Assault

In this mission, you can earn 2 stars. To earn the 2 stars you need to play the new Guardian mode in which you defend the beach from an army of bots. You need to specifically play the map Sirocco. Just get some kills while playing your friend in this fun game mode and you can complete this mission.

Deathmatch – Group Signa – Aim Above The Flippers

2 stars are available to be won in this mission. You can either get 50 headshot kills in total in the Deathmatch or you can get 30 headshot kills in one single match. This mode is great for your aim training and picking a precision weapon like the M4A1-2 which is buffed right now or an SSG 08 Scout can help you get those 30 headshots in one match.

Demolition – Explosive Swimmer

This is the last weekly mission for Week 2 on the list. You can earn 1 star for this by either getting 14 kills or by dealing some grenade damage. Demolition mode has to be played to get these kills. You cannot buy grenades in this mode, however, you can earn them by getting kills. So we would suggest you keep your eye on the kills and complete this super easy mission.

CSGO Mission Week 2 and 3

CSGO Missions Week 3 Leaked

We were hearing news of the Missions for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 being leaked. So we went over to Reddit to do our research and matched the data to whatever has been already released and the information seems accurate. A Reddit user posted in r/GlobalOffensive that they found the weekly missions in the game files. According to them, you can find it in the items_game.txt file. Here are the missions you need to complete for Week 3.

Ravine – Wingman: Ravine

Win 21 rounds or Win 1 Match : 3 stars

Point Break – Guardian: Blacksite

Get sniper rifle kills in Blacksite: 2 Stars
You need to get 20 kills with an SSG 08, AWP, or a SCAR-20.

Carve Them Up – Casual: Retakes

Deal 2000 damage or deal 1000 damage in a single match: 2 stars

Wipeout – Casual: Dust 2

Apply graffiti in different locations: 1 star
Apply it at CT Start, Bombsite A, Pit, Bombsite B, Mid Doors, T Start, Catwalk, Upper Tunnel, Long Doors, Middle.

We can’t wait to find out if this leak is true and can’t wait for further CSGO missions. This was all about the CSGO Mission Week 2 and 3. Here is all about Operation Riptide.