CS GO: How To Get The Jump Throw Bind?

Jump throw bind automates your throw when you jump and throw the grenade furthest possible. Let's see how to get Jump throw bind in CS GO.

Every bullet and grenade that lands perfectly can change the result of the round in CS GO. Players practice for hundreds of hours to improve their aim and timing. The jump throw bind is one such command that will help you throw the grenade as far as possible. Let’s see how you can get the jump throw bind in CS GO.

How To Get The Jump Throw Bind In CS GO?

Many players try jumping before or while throwing the grenade to use that momentum and throw it as far as possible, but the problem here is you need perfect timing for that. The Jump throw bind automates the throw when you have the most momentum, enabling you to throw it as far as possible. Players can get the jump throw bind by simply pasting the below-mentioned code.

alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”; alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”; bind alt “+jumpthrow”

The code makes “alt” the jump throw bind-key, so all you have to do is hold the grenade by using the left click and press alt to throw it. Players can use any key for the Jump throw bind by replacing the “alt” key in the code with the key they want. You should remember that you will have to put in the code every time you start the game. If you don’t want to do this every time, there is a way to embed the code permanently.

Steps To Get The Jump Throw Bind In CS GO?

  • Go to “steamlibrary” then select “steamapps” on your system. Click on the “common” button, and you will find Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
  • Click on Counter-Strike Global Offensive, select “csgo” and click on the “cfg” button.
  • Create a text file, name it autoexec.cfg, copy the same code, and save it.
  • Go to Steam, right-click on CS GO and select the properties option.
  • In the properties tab, press the “set launch option” button and change “autoexec” to “autoexec.cfg” and you will get the Jump throw bind permanently.

This was the whole process of getting the Jump throw bind in CS GO. The process is not very difficult, so we would recommend players get it as soon as possible.

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