Clash Of Clans: How To Get Gems

Want to know how to get Gems in Clash of Clans? Refer to this guide.

While playing Clash of Clans, new players appear to be running out of gems quicker than others. However, it is necessary for you to save gems as they will come in handy further more often than you’d think. If you’re here searching for ways to get Gems in Clash of Clans, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we have covered several methods in a list that will help you to obtain gems in COC. Read along with this guide to learn all there is to know about the same.

How to Get Gems in Clash of Clans

Get Gems in COC

Here, we have mentioned the list that contains the methods to get Gems in Clash of Clans. Glance through the ways and apply them to your gameplay.

  • Complete Tasks
  • Dig the Gem Box when it appears
  • Participate in Events
  • Purchase with Real Money
  • Remove Trees and Bushes
  • Repair Gem Mine in the Builder Base

Complete Tasks

Upon completing several in-game tasks, you can get free gems as rewards. As soon as you complete these tasks, you will unlock an achievement and claim several gems with it.

Dig the Gem Box when it appears

Frequently, a Gem Box will spawn on your base. If you spot one, you have to remove it using one Builder and Elixir. The Gem box will give you 25 gems for free which is the maximum number of gems you can get for removing items from your base.

Participate in Events

The best way to get free gems quicker is to participate in events and complete the objectives to obtain gems in COC.

Purchase with Real Money

You can also invest real money and buy the gems from the Shop in the game. There are various deals that you can redeem to get as many gems as you want.

Remove Trees and Bushes

As mentioned earlier, you can get gems by removing trees and bushes from your base. These items keep growing on your base every now and then. However, you don’t get gems every time you clear these items. Sometimes you only get XP points.

Repair Gem Mine in the Builder Base

Lastly, you can repair the Gem Mine which is located in the builder base. You simply have to take the boat and sail to the builder base. The more you upgrade your Gem Mine, the more gems you can get every day.

These are all the ways you can use to get Gems in Clash of Clans. Try these out while playing the game next time. Keep in mind not to spend gems frequently as when you upgrade to higher Townhalls, you will require them to acquire builders.

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