Best 1 And 2 Star Characters To Level Up In Alice Fiction

Here are all the best 1 and 2 star characters of Alice Fiction.

Alice Fiction is a puzzle RPG game where you embark on a journey to recover your memory and uncover the truth of this world. The game has many interesting and powerful characters to accompany your journey. And here are all the best 1 and 2 star characters to level up in Alice Fiction.

Alice Fiction: Best 1 Star and 2 Star Characters to Level Up

 Level Up Alice Fiction


Nietzsche is a 2 star Light element character who is an Attack and Special type. Her skills are The End of Ressentiment, The Übermensch Plan, God is Dead, and The Will to Power. Her base stats are 2396 Power, 1017 Special Attack, 115 Critical Rate, 165 Physical Defense, and 197 Special Defense. Difficult Genius, I’ll Protect You! and Failed Conversation are her best World Memories.


Perseus is a Defense Physical type 2 star Earth element character. She offers Aegis Ram, Teeth of the Graeae, Athena’s Guide, and King of Argos skills. Her base Power is 1920, Special Defense is 351, Physical Attack is 318, Physical Defense is 219, and Critical Rate is 115. Her best World Memories are Let Destiny Take the Wheel, Pandora’s Box, and Fashionista’s Article.


Cleopatra is an Earth element 2 star Attack Special type character. Her skills are Fangs of the Egyptian Cobra, Glorious Alexandria, Fragrance of Damask Rose, and The Prestige of Pharaoh. She offers base Power 2070, Physical Defense 200, Special Attack 724, Special Defense 266, and Critical Rate 115. All I Need is…, Guiding Sound, and Second Opinion are her best World memories.


Mathers is a 1 star Fire element character of Buff Special type. She offers Hermetic Occultism, Alpha et Omega, Secret Grimoire, and The Golden Dawn’s Founder skills. Her base stats are Power 1783, Physical Defense 198, Special Attack 390, Special Defense 277, and Critical Rate 100. Her best World memories are Siesta Dreams, Undiscovered Grimoires, and Guiding Sound.


Benkei is a Light element 1 star character of Defense Physical type. Her skills include Guiding Sound, Standing Death of Benkei, Secret of the Nine Seals, and The Great Unrivaled Master. She offers base power 1886, Physical Attack 412, Physical Defense 322, Special Defense 156, and Critical Rate 90. Let Destiny Take the Wheel, Fall into the Same Rut, and ALICE are her best World Memories.

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