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Best Graveyard Keeper Mods (April 2023)

Wondering which mods are best for Graveyard Keeper? This article will help you.

Graveyard Keeper is a cemetery management game. It takes place in medieval times and has many entertaining and unique inaccurate ideas. You can grow your cemetery, expand your graveyard business, and cut short the costs of management. It gives you many dilemmas through the gameplay. Such as do you want to spend money on proper burger meat when you have other resources. And does a corpse need all organs? If you enjoy such concepts, then check out these mods you can use in Graveyard Keeper.

Graveyard Keeper: Best Mods to Try Now

Graveyard Keeper Mods

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Mods are user-created modifications, extra elements, or add-ons that make the game more fun and interesting. You can find various kinds of mods all over the internet, but here are some best Graveyard Keeper Mods.

Apple Trees Enhanced

It enables the apple and berries to fall for harvest. And you can enable world berry bushes, but you need to get them before they hamper your performance, as they do not disappear with time. You can use the “Realistic” mode to randomize the harvest. If you harvest manually you will get the full value. This condition also applies to bee hives.

I Neeeed Sticks

This mod will allow you to use a “Wooden Stick” as a craftable item by adding it to a Circular saw. You will require 10 energy and will get 12 drops per craft.

I Build Where I Want

Finding a perfect location for your building and facilities is not as easy as it seems. But what if that location is not part of the building area? No need to worry, as you can construct anywhere in the game with the help of this mod.

Gerry’s Junk Trunk

Enabling this feature will allow Gerry to sell the items of the trunk, but he takes a good amount of commission for doing that. That game players can decrease by reaching stage three. And you cannot take back items put in the trunk.

Grave Changes

The mod allows you to change Grave Headstones and Fences to have 30 quality max. You can also use it to change lawn and marble road decorations and to have the same value as the land they are built on. And will also make Columbariums have 30 quality in some places.

Give Me Moar

This is probably the most useful mod. It multiplies the Tech Points, Faith, Donations, Happiness, Gratitude, Sin Shards, and other resources. And it also supports the LiveReload F5 key.

These are all the helpful mods you can apply now on Graveyard Keeper to have better gameplay. If this list was interesting to you. Then also check out the grounded mods and Valheim mods.