How To Add Or Invite Friends In Undawn

Are you tired of just being around NPCs in Undawn? Then you can add or invite your friends with the help of this guide.

In Undawn, you can not only invite your friends but also random players. They can be your guests or join you in your missions alongside other members. You can also invite them into your camp and Homestead. Being the MMORPG of the year, we can definitely expect this, so here is how you can.

How to Invite Friends in Undawn

add or invite friends in undawn

When you are in the lobby area, you can go to a random player and tap on them. You will get the invite option when you do so in the profile and that is how you can invite them. If you want to invite a particular friend you have to go to the Club settings and add their username or player id in the add friends section.

When your friend accepts your invitation, you can chat with them as well as invite them to your club and Homestead. You can also tag them along for missions and side quests. A better way to play with your friends will be to create a club or your own team and ask them to join.

Another important thing to add to your friend is to make sure you both are using the same server. Ask your friends which server they belong to and join that server. If you are not on the same server as them, you won’t be able to find your friend. If you don’t want to complete missions or invite them into your club, you can invite them as a guest only into our Homestead.

This was how all on how to add or invite friends in the game. We hope we helped you find out how you can. If you found this article helpful, then you can also check out how to sell items like weapons and how to increase scavenger level in Undawn.