How To Craft Wooden Board & Its Requirements In Undawn

Welcome to the complete crafting guide for a Wooden Board in Undawn.

A Wooden Board can be used to craft various materials in Undawn. However, to get that you have to first craft one yourself. This article will help you not only make one but also guide you on how to gather the materials and resources required in the process. So let’s get started.

How to Craft Wooden Board in Undawn

craft wooden board

To craft a Wooden Board in Undawn, you have to go to your Homestead and then get to the Workbench. You will then get an option to craft it. Then go to the Craft Armor section and select Wooden Board from the second section on the right. If you have the required materials to craft it then you can tap on the Craft button below.

The materials required are –

  • Wood: 250
  • Cedar Bark: 5
  • Tattered Animal Hide: 4
  • Redwood cedar: 3
  • Animal Tooth: 1

If you have the same number of materials then crating the board will be easy. However, if you do not have the required materials, here is how you can get them.

How to Get Materials to Craft Wooden Board


  • Wood: Can be gathered by cutting trees all around the map with the help of an axe.
  • Cedar Bark: You can obtain it by cutting trees in the Redwood Forest near the Redwood outpost.
  • Tattered Animal Hide: You can get it by hunting animals and then extracting it from their remains – mostly bears. You can use a gun to target and shoot them in the hills of Redwood Forest.
  • Redwood cedar: The Redwood Cedar just like the Cedar Bark, can be obtained from the Redwood forest by cutting the taller trees there.
  • Animal Tooth: It is available through animals, mostly wolfs when they are found in the Redwood Outpost Area.

Once you meet the number of given requirements you can then return to the Workbench and craft a Wooden Board through the Craft Armor section.

This was all for how to craft a Wooden Board. We hope we have helped you with everything you need to know. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to take your pet outside in Undawn.