Who Is The Biggest Hacker In Free Fire In 2021?

Who do you think is the biggest hacker in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire has millions of daily active users and nobody knows what they have in their mind. They often search for a new keyword on the internet. The latest query they are currently searching on the internet is ‘Who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire’?

Do you know the answer to this question? If your answer is NO then you are at the perfect place. The only reason why millions of Free Fire often search for this query is there are some FF content creators who use Free Fire mods and hacks to make their gameplay as they want.

Notably, not all content creators use Free Fire mods to attract viewer’s attention. The number of players who use mods and hacks is limited because Garena does not tolerate people using mods to spoil the fun of other players.

Who Is The Biggest Hacker Of Free Fire?

Since there are numerous players who are currently using mods in Free Fire, players are keen to know the name of the biggest hacker in Free Fire. Do you want to know the same? If YES then keep reading this post.


When you search for this query on the internet, there are multiple names that pop up on the screen but finding the right name is a tedious task. There are numerous people who claim that it is a 12-year old Nepali boy named Biraj, who is the biggest Free Fire hacker as of now.

If you don’t believe us or people who are calling Biraj the biggest hacker of FF then you should watch his YouTube video.

The video was uploaded on India’s biggest gaming YouTube channel, Total Gaming Live. It has been a year since the video of Biraj playing Free Fire uploaded on YouTube and it has garnered more than 4 million views.

When this video was uploaded on YouTube, it was trending on YouTube. In the video, you can watch how smartly Biraj uses the hack to kill his opponents in FF. Apart from Biraj, there are numerous other players who are considered the biggest hackers in Free Fire.

PSteam Mod

In a video uploaded on 2STATE GAMers, a player named “PSteamMod’ can be seen playing Free Fire and killing more than 45 players in a minute, which is way higher than a common player kill in a minute.

If you have not watched PSteam Mod playing Free Fire using mod or hacks yet, you can watch it now.


Biraj and PSteam Mod are not only players across the world who use mod and hacks in Free Fire and leave millions of other players shocked with their gameplay. Since there are thousands of players who use mods to tweak the gameplay, it is quite a difficult task to claim who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire.