Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Emotes To Get In June 2022

Find out the rarest emotes in Garena Free Fire. Get those emotes to add fun in your best Battle royale game.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games under action-adventure battle royale game. Emotes in Garena Free Fire has been popular since the game has started. These FF emote are the ones that help the players to interact with their competitors in the battleground.

There are several emotes are available in Garena Free Fire, which players can access by playing events or purchasing them with diamonds, which is a game currency. Following are the top 5 rarest Garena Free Fire emotes as of November 2022.

All Rarest Garena Free Fire Emotes List – June 2022

Here is the list of the top 5 rarest emotes of January 2022. Scroll down to find your favorite emote and learn how to get it.

Pirate’s Flag

It was launched in the game in 2019 during the Pirate Top Up event. It was also available for a top-up of 500 diamonds. These emote in Garena Free Fire take out the flag and bang it on the ground when it’s fully equipped. It is one of the legendary emote of the Free Fire.

The FFWC Throne

It was released in Garena free fire during the 2019 Free Fire world Cup series. Though it was available last time in one limited-time event earlier.

This emote is as it says, when you select it you will find your character sitting on a Golden throne like a majestic ruler.


The name of the doggie emote is Shiba. It was introduced in Garena free fire in an event called Emote Party Game. It will work even without Shiba. Using this emote small cute puppy appears which dances along with the character and celebrates. It is very popular among all the emotes in the game but it’s also very difficult to find.

Flowers of Love

This emote was introduced in-game as a special event on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Players can get this emote with 500 diamonds. Considering the cost it wasn’t that popular in Garena Free Fire.

Eat my Dust

This is one of the most interesting emote of Free Fire. When launched it dances on the roof of a golden sports car. It was launched in 2020 at the Grafitti Top Up event.  It was available only through the tp up hence chance of earning it was very rare hence it was one of the rarest emote of Garena Free Fire.

And that brings us to the end of the Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes as of now. As you are already so into this game make sure you check out our other article and get redeem codes to obtain Free Fire emotes for free.