Free Fire MAX: Best Characters for Ranked Mode

Find the best characters for you as you play your way to the top!

Free Fire Max is a Battle Royale game that you can either play solo or with your own squad. To get higher up in the ranks, however, you have to pick the right character and use them to their best capacity as you level up. Some characters are worth the hype and some….are just fun to play with. If you’re looking for the best Free Fire MAX characters for ranked mode then go ahead and scroll down.

Which are the Best Characters for Ranked Mode in Free fire MAX?


Captain Booyah/K

Ability: Master of All

Truly a master of the game if not all, K is hands down, one of the best characters out on the Free Fire Max field. Not only can he boost the max EP by 50 with his ability but he can also increase the conversion rate of close by allies by 500%. If that wasn’t impressive enough then with his psychological mode, he can get up to 250 EP, K can even recover 2 Eps every three seconds.


He is definitely a fan favourite. And for good reason.

DJ Alok

Ability: Drop the Beat


DJ Alok on the other hand is another popular ranked character. With his ability to ‘Drop the Beat’, he creates a 5-meter large zone that increases movement speed for him and his allies to 15% each. Apart from this, he can heal players inside the zone by 50 HP every 10 seconds.


Ability: Time Turner


Using his exceptional defensive capabilities to provide players with an impenetrable force field, Chorno is a force to reckon with. The only problem is that this force field lasts for 6 seconds and a terribly long cooldown of 120 seconds. Using Chorno is definitely worth it though as he is able to protect you on an open battlefield.


Ability: Camouflage

Transform into a bush as you raid houses and hide in plain sight. Wukong’s ability allows him to camouflage himself as he hits his targets without them knowing where he is or where he came from.

As with most characters, the downside is his long cooldown of 250 seconds. With each kill that you make, the cooldown resets which can be a major downside for those of us that want to use it soon after. Of course, this is can be dealt with over time and with practice.


Ability: Riptide Rhythm

If you are an aggressive player then Skylar is the one for you, with his Riptide Rhythm, you can use a massive sonic wave that damages 5 Gloo Walls in a 50m radius. The cooldown for this ability is also not as long as Chorno or Wukong. Being only 60 seconds, you can storm into these gloo walls whenever need be and take on your opponents head on!

Those are our best Free Fire MAX characters for ranked mode. We hope that you’re enjoying the game and that your favorite characters lead you to greater victories! For more information on Free fire MAX, read up about how to get free legendary costumes right here on Games Adda!


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