Free Fire MAX Holi Event: Get Free Legendary Costumes (March 2022)

Holi Events have arrived on Free Fire MAX and they have some spectacular rewards

The colors of Holi have arrived on Free Fire Max and they are creating quite a splash. Earlier, players got to experience the Legendary & Theme Gun Trial with Daily Login 1 and now they can stand to win some legendary costumes with the Daily Login 2 Costume Trial. Since the cost of these costumes can be quite high, players might want to grab the chance to get these costumes for free. Here’s how players can get free legendary costumes in the Free Fire MAX Holi Event.

How To Get Free Legendary Costumes In Free Fire MAX Holi Event?



Players can get free costumes in the Free Fire MAX Holi Event by participating in the Costume Trial. The Costume Trial is the second Daily Login Trial in this event. It started on 14th March 2022 and will conclude on 20th March 2022. All players need to do in order to win free bundles in the event is to log in every day till the event is ongoing. Below is a list of all the exciting rewards being offered in the Costume Trial.

  • Inner Galaxy (Bottom, Mask, Shoes): Day 1
  • Golden Threat (Bottom, Mask, Shoes, Top): Day 2
  • Ruby Empress (Mask, Top, Bottom, Shoes): Day 3
  • Hare of Despair (Mask, Top, Bottom, Shoes): Day 4
  • Carbon Time-Skipper (Head, Mask, Top, Bottom, Shoes): Day 5
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (valid till 30 April 2022): Day 6


With so many exciting rewards and legendary costumes up for grabs, players must be excited for this event. However, all the free rewards and bundles are available with players for a limited time of seven days only. After this players will no longer be able to access these rewards.

Steps To Get The Daily Rewards In Free Fire MAX Holi Event

  • Players can open Free Fire MAX on their mobile device and login to the game.
  • Then players can click on the calendar.
  • Now, players should then go to the Daily  Login 2 Event.
  • Now, players can claim the costumes available to them as per the number of days they have logged in.


That is all players need to know about getting Free Legendary Costumes in Free Fire MAX Holi Event. For more Free Fire MAX content, see What Are Room Cards In Free Fire Max?