BGMI: When Is The Current Season End Date?

We are currently in Cycle 2 Season 4 of BGMI

BGMI has seen the inclusion of the cycle system recently. This has led to some confusion about cycles and seasons in the game. Currently, BGMI is in Cycle 2 Season 4. Players have also gotten to enjoy the M8 Bounty Legends theme Royale Pass in this season. However, many players are curious to know when the current season ends. If you are wondering the same, read on as we will be discussing the BGMI current season end date as well as when players can expect the new Royale Pass.

End Date For The Current Season Of BGMI


The current Cycle 2 Season 4 is expected to end on March 17, 2022. As players might know each BGMI Season lasts for about 2 months and players are rewarded based on their highest tier reached in the classic mode.


With the end of the C2S4, players can also expect an end to the Month 8 Royale Pass. Now, players must be curious about the new Season of Cycle 2. Since a Season roughly lasts 2 months, a Cycle normally lasts around a year. The current Cycle 2 Season 4 kicked off on January 18th. Players can expect the new C2S5 on March 18. Season 5 will also bring with it the Month 9 Royale Pass in BGMI. If you want to know what rewards to expect with the new Royale Pass, there is a brief glimpse below.


Rewards With C2S5 Month 9 Royale Pass

  • Ancient Hairloom PP19 Bizon skin
  • Primeval Relic Kar 98K
  • Ancient Hairloom M249
  • Wukong Prime Set
  • Wukong Emote
  • Excalibur Umbra Set
  • Fluoresecent Flash Set
  • Altantic Tech Ornament
  • Altantic Tech Helmet
  • Altantic Tech Plane

That is everything that players need to know about the end date of current season as well as what to expect next. We will keep readers updated as more information rolls in. Till then, check out how to participate in the BGMI Open Challenge Registration.



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