This is Why Valorant Disabled Agent Neon?

Find out why Agent Neon was disabled from Valorant?

Agent Neon is the latest confirmed agent in Valorant. However, the speedster agent made her way to Valorant a bit quicker than planned. As we discussed earlier, Agent Neon was officially confirmed to be arriving in Valorant after data leaks about the character. The speedster made her way to the game briefly before she was retracted. Today, we will discuss why Valorant Agent Neon was disabled in the game and when you can expect her back in the game.

Why was Valorant Agent Neon Disabled?

Agent Neon was briefly available to players as an unlocked agent in Episode four. However, Riot Games quickly retracted the agent before players could get a chance to access her. Riot Games tweeted that it had been an accident on their end. Players that reside in regions that got the Patch 4.0 accidentally got the new agent briefly. However, Riot Games has pulled out the character and addressed the situation on Twitter. Find out when you can get access to the latest Valorant agent in the game below.

When Will Neon Be Available In Valorant?

As confirmed by the tweet, Agent Neon was re-enabled as the 19th agent in the game a couple of hours after she was taken offline. Players can now unlock the previously disabled Agent Neon by buying her contract or levelling up in missions and matches. Riot acknowledged the situation, tweeting “Neon accidentally went out as an unlocked Agent, so she’s disabled in regions where Patch 4.0 is currently live. We’re aiming to get her back in-game in roughly two hours.”

That is why Agent Neon was disabled in Valorant. We hope that you will enjoy playing the gent now that she is back in the game. If you want to find out more about the 19th Valorant agent, check out Valorant Agent Neon: Everything You Need To Know (Jan 2022)