Civilization VI (Civ 6) Tier List (February 2022)

Check out the ultimate Civ 6 tier list to find the right civs for your playstyle and multiply your wins.

Civilization VI — a turn-based strategy 4K game — has players hooked for endless hours owing to its fun gameplay & diverse content. However, having a good time is when you play against your buddies in multiplayer mode rather than solo against some lame AI.

Since you were looking for Civ 6 tier list, I consider you fortunate to have those gems to compete against. Without any further ado let’s jump straight to the Civilization VI tier list.


Civ 6 Tier List – February 2022

With too many leaders to choose from, each with pluses and minuses, and considering multiple expansions of the game and gameplay features, the task becomes difficult. Therefore, to your convenience below is an ultimate Civ 6 tier list that ranks leaders to pantheons to wonders and rest.


Besides that, this tier list is perfect for entire game parts such as Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, Vanilla, and even New Frontier.

But, before I begin, I’d like to point out that the tier list grades the best heroes to the worst heroes in six different tiers. When each tier begins, I will throw in some input.

Tier S


Make these Civs your top-most priority. They net you many victories in the game and sit well with any environment.

Civilization Name
Japan Hojo Tokimune
Russia Peter
Portugal João III
Australia John Curtin
Maori Kupe
America Bullmoose Teddy

Tier A


These Civs are not as powerful as their counterparts in Tier S but they are still powerful ones able to help you dominate the game.

Civilization Name
Greece Gorgo
Hungary Matthias Corvinus
Egypt Cleopatra
Gran Columbia Simon Bolivar
Brazil Pedro II
Persia Cyrus
Arabia Saladin
America Rough Rider Teddy

Tier B

The Civs in tier list B of Civilization 6 is decent ones. They perform extremely well and are good replacements for the ones in the top tiers.

Civilization Name
Korea Seondeok
Greece Pericles
Ethiopia Menelik II
Maya Lady Six Sky
Phoenician Dido
Sumeria Gilgamesh
Babylon Hammurabi
Khmer Jayavarman VII
Mali Mansa Musa
China Qin Shi Huang
China Kublai Khan
Spain Phillip II

Tier C

The Civs listed in this tier are average and don’t guarantee more wins. They are doable and okayish.

Civilization Name
Inca Pachacuti
Dutch Wilhelmina
Nubia Amanitore
Aztec Montezuma
Byzantium Basil II
Polish Jadwiga
Georgia Tamar

Tier D

These are the below-average Civs that do not offer any utility in the game.

Civilization Name
Vietnam Bà Triệu
Indonesia Ge Gitadja
Germany Fn Barbarosrck Barbarossa
Rome Trajan
Sweden Kn Kristine
Canada Wa LaurinLaurier
France Ce Mediae de Medici
Ottoman Sa Suleimtn

Tier F

Okay, you can definitely go with them if you are wishing to lose and fail miserably. Nup not worth a penny.

Civilization Name
England Victoria
France Magnificence Catherine
Mongolia Genghis Khan
Mongolia Kublai Khan
Zulu Shaka
Macedon Alexander
Gaul Ambiorix
Mapuche Lautaro
England Eleanor of Aquitaine
Scythia Tomyris
Kongo Mvemba a Nzinga
France Eleanor Aquitaine
Scotland Robert the Bruce
Cree Poundmaker
India Ghandi
Norway Harald Hardrada
India Chandragupta

So, are you ready to claim your dominance in Civilization VI using this fantastic Civ 6 tier list? Since you are here don’t forget to check the other tier lists from Games Adda.


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