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Blade And Soul 2 Tier List (January 2023)

Players can choose from multiple races and outfits in Blade and Soul 2. Here's a Tier list ranking all Races and Outfits in Blade and Soul 2.

Blade and Soul 2 brings back the combat but this time the races and classes have been merged. Unlike the previous installment, all the races are allowed to obtain all the outfits, with so many combinations the possibilities are endless for players in Blade and Soul 2. Here’s a tier list ranking all the Races and Outfits in Blade and Soul 2.

Blade And Soul 2 Tier List – January 2023

While creating the player you have to select the Race of the player as well. Race defines the combat style your character will follow, here are all the three races ranked from best to worst in Blade and Soul 2.

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  • Gon
  • Jin
  • Lyn

In Blade and Soul 2 all the races are gender-neutral so no matter which character you build all the options are open for players. Apart from the Races players can choose from 5 outfits as well. All these outfits have their unique abilities but the key to Blade and Soul 2 is choosing the right outfit with the right Race. Here are all the outfits in Blade and Soul 2 ranked from best to worst.

Blade And Soul 2 – From Best To Worst Outfits Ranked

  • Sunset
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Extreme Crimson
  • Wings of Glory
  • Heavenly Sage

This was our ranking of all the Outfits in Blade and Soul 2. The tier list is based on our experience of Blade and Soul 2 Korean version, many players might agree or disagree with the ranking. We would recommend players to at least go through the Races and Outfits ranking before diving into the Blade and Soul 2 global version.

Apart from the Races and Outfits choosing weapons also makes a massive difference in the DPS of your character. We will be updating this article with the weapons tier list as well so keep an eye on it.

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