How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos?

Want to watch Blocked YouTube Videos? Then here is a solution for you.

YouTube is one of the extensively used platforms to share, watch, and upload videos. Content creators from all over the globe create videos on all the possible niches and upload them here to earn revenue. Apart from entertainment YouTube has become one of the most useful learning platforms to learn various things without spending a penny.

But, not everyone around the globe gets access to this so useful platform. There are certain countries for example some Middle East countries where YouTube is banned or some content on YouTube is banned for viewers for various reasons. So, if you fall in that part of the globe and are unable to watch videos then we have a solution for you.


Here is a complete guide for you to watch blocked videos on YouTube in your country.

Ways To Watch Blocked Videos On YouTube

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos


If you ever come across “The uploader has not made this video available in your country ” this message while surfing on YouTube? This usually happens when a particular video is banned or blocked in your region. But do not worry as you can still watch this video by sitting right where you are without much effort.

Here are all the ways to watch all the videos that are blocked on YouTube by trespassing YouTube region lock:

  • Use VPN- This is the easiest way to trespass the YouTube Region Lock and watch all your favorite videos. There are plenty of VON’s available on the internet for free that help you tweak your location. Download any reliable VPN, install it on your device, make the required changes to change the location, and enjoy streaming all your favorite videos on YouTube.
  • Try Alternatives- There third party sites like HookerTube that help you watch all the content on YouTube for free. These sites do not have a region lock and you can watch all the blocked videos on YouTube here for free.
  • Use Proxy Server- Proxy Server is a tool that helps you change your IP address thereby using a proxy address. This helps you to bypass the YouTube region lock and make all the blocked content available for you.
  • Download The Videos- The best way to watch blocked videos on YouTube is by downloading them from other sites. There are many sites that have almost all the YouTube Videos available to download for free. Look for these sites and download the video to avoid any errors on YouTube.
  • Google Translator- Use google translator and find the alternative of your keyword in another language and search it again on YouTube. You might get lucky and find the same video in another language.


This is everything you need to know about how to watch blocked Youtube Videos. For more guides on YouTube click on the link and stick around