How To Unlock Insect Breathing In Roblox Project Slayers (2022)

Here's how you can get Insect Breathing in Roblox Project Slayers easily.

Obtain the Insect Breathing Style in Roblox Project Slayers just by following simple steps. In Project Slayers, there are various Breathing Styles that you can learn. However, unlocking every one of them will give you 5 unique moves each. On the battlefield, these moves will surely give your enemy a hard time. If you also want to unleash the power of Insect Breathing Style on your enemy, then here’s how you can get it.

Requirements To Learn Insect Breathing in Roblox Project Slayers (2022)

Get Insect Breathing In Roblox Project Slayers
Picture Credits: Auratix

To learn the Insect Breathing Style, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • The first requirement is that the player should be at least at Level 12.
  • Minimum 5,000 Wen will be required to pay for the Insect Breathing training.
  • After fulfilling these requirements you will need to train under NPC named Shinobu.

This NPC is located at the Butterfly Mansion. If you want to get there quickly, then you can always unlock the location via Map Points and take the horse. But if you don’t own enough Map points, then don’t worry, we’ll help you reach the location easily.

How To Reach Butterfly Mansion Fast?

As said earlier, to learn the Insect Breathing Style you will have to train under Shinobu and she’s located in the Butterfly Mansion. If you want to reach this location fast, then follow the steps and directions given below.

  • Get started from the Entrance of the safe zone and keep on moving Straight.
  • Then, keep walking until you see an area with Lanterns.
  • After reaching near the lanterns, start moving towards the North from here.
  • And after you’ll reach an area with bamboos. From there take a Right and look for a small bridge.
  • And then, cross the bridge and keep moving to East, until you find Stairs.
  • After reaching the stairs, you will have to climb the levels located on the Northern side.
  • Keep moving East until you find the Entrance of the Butterfly Mansion.

Just keep following the directions and you’ll reach the location in no time. After successfully reaching the Butterfly Mansion complete all the training quests and learn the Insect Breathing Style. If you want to know how to get the Lantern in Roblox Project Slayers, then you’re just one tap away.