Why Did Meepcity Removed Parties? (Roblox)

Read this article to know why Toblox removed parties from Meepcity.

Meepcity is a popular Roblox game based on Club Penguin and Disney Toontown theme, developed by Alex Binello. Recently, the game was taken down from the Roblox platform temporarily for safety issues. And this created a lot of chaos between thousands of Meepcity players.

As the game was suddenly made unavailable on 16th February 2022, there are all the Roblox players curious to know about the reasons behind the same. The game was made online again the very next day, but some features like the parties feature was removed from Roblox Meepcity.


So, if you are curious to know the story behind this incident then check this out!

Roblox: Why Did Meepcity Remove Parties Feature?

Roblox Removed Parties From Meepcity


As we are aware of the safety and privacy policy of the Roblox platform, during the random checks some explicit content was found in the popular Roblox game Meepcity. There is a special feature in the game called ‘Parties‘ that allow all the players to customize their own room to chat and have a virtual party.

The characters or the players in these custom rooms were found in NSFW avatar that does not fit Roblox’s Safety and Privacy Policy. Keeping the age of the majority of the players in mind on the platform, Roblox had to take necessary actions and so the game was banned temporarily.

Meepcity was made available the very next day but the special and most popular feature Parties were removed from the game. While the feature was deleted from the game it was much of a debatable topic among all the players. To break that through popular YouTuber, streamer Kreekcraft, mentioned in one of his tweets that the game was hacked by Tubers93 and all the adult content was added to take the game down.


To sum this up, as the game is online again and all the players can get their hands on it read further to know if your favorite feature Parties will be back in Meepcity or not.


Will Parties Be Back In Meepcity?

The private room in Meepcity where you were chilling with your chosen friends was removed from the game, will be brought back in the game anytime soon. This was announced by the developers of Meepcity on their official Twitter handle. It is just that the room or parties will no longer be private and will have relatively lesser options for customizations.

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