Pokemon Unite: How To Increase Movement Speed

Here is how you can increase movement speed in Pokemon Unite.

Speed is one of the most crucial elements in MOBA games like Pokemon Unite. No matter how careful you are, the enemy might sneak in and defeat you with their agility. But, if your movement speed is overpowering your opponents, then no one will be able to trap you or defeat you. Therefore check out this article on how to increase movement speed in Pokemon Unite.

How to Increase Movement Speed in Pokemon Unite

Increase Speed Pokemon Unite

You can increase your Pokemon’s speed in several ways. Just utilize your resources and surroundings carefully and plan your investments. Let’s now look at those elements that can increase your speed.

Flux Lane

As you might know, the arena is divided vertically into two groups of players. The purple flux is your allied lane and will increase your speed. Try to stay in that lane as much as possible. And the orange flux is an enemy area, which will slow you down. And your opponents can easily KO you here. So before entering that part of the field, make sure that there are few to no enemies.

Salac Berry

There are two types of berries in this game: Sitrus and Salac. Salac is a green berry that boosts your speed for a few seconds. They can be found near the Legendary Pit and respawn after every 1 minute of consumption.

Speed Buff Moves and Ability

Some Pokemon have moves and abilities which can increase their movement speed. Such as Machamp’s Barrage Blow and Submission. And Alolan Ninetales’s Snow Warning.

Battle Item and Speed Emblem

The battle item X Speed can raise your Movement speed by 45% and is unlocked at Trainer level 8. Another item that increases your speed is the Yellow boost emblem. It can give you a 4 to 12 percent increased movement speed in a battle.

These are all the ways to increase your movement speed in Pokemon Unite. Want to read more gaming articles? Check out how to check the leaderboard and badge guide.