Pokemon Unite: Best Support Pokemon Tier List (2023)

Want to know which Support Pokemon is the best in Pokemon Unite? Check out this guide.

If you’ve played Pokemon Unite earlier, you know about the different roles you can choose to participate in a battle. Once you’ve chosen the perfect role for yourself, you can unleash the full potential of your Pokemon against your enemies. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. You just have to glance through this tier list to determine which is the strongest of them all.

List of Best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite – Tier List

Best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

The Support Pokemon are the companion Pokemon. They are responsible to support their teammate while in battle. They sometimes provide other Pokemon with a buff or heal them simultaneously. Below is the tier list of the best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Go through this guide and choose wisely while picking one of them in battle.

Tier Pokemon Difficulty Moves
S Blissey Novice Pound, Heal Pulse, Soft-Boiled, SafeGuard, Egg Bomb, Helping Hand, Bliss Assistance
S Wigglytuff Intermediate Pound, Defense Curl, Rollout, Sing, Double Slap, Dazzling Gleam, Starlight Recital
A Eldegoss Novice Leafage, Synthesis, Pollen Puff, Leaf Tornado, Cotton Guard, Cotton Spore, Cotton Cloud Crash
A Mr. Mime Intermediate Fake Out, Light Screen, Confusion, Psychic, Barrier, Guard Swap, Showtime!
B Hoopa Expert Astonish, Confusion, Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, Hyperspace Hole, Trick, Rings Unbound

You can refer to this tier list of best Supporter Pokemon in Pokemon Unite to pick. It will help you to choose one that suits you best for your next battle. Also, keep in mind that this list is created considering the gamers’ experience and may be subjective to other players of the game.

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