Watch Dogs Legion: How To Photograph Holborn Viaduct?

Photographing Holborn Viaduct is a side task in Watch Dogs Legion. Let's see how to capture, find and reach Holborn Viaduct in Legion.

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s pioneer in the open-world genre, and with Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft gives players a chance to dive into a superficial version of London. Legion follows the hacker group DedSec on their quest to prove themselves innocent. There are a lot of side quests and achievements as well for players to complete, and one of them is photographing the Holborn Viaduct. Let’s see how you can photograph the Holborn Viaduct in Watch Dogs Legion.

How To Photograph Holborn Viaduct In Watch Dogs Legion?

Capturing the Holborn Viaduct is one of the daily tasks players need to complete in the game. Given how easy the task is and compared to the reward, it becomes a must-do for players. Follow the below-mentioned steps to capture the Holborn Viaduct in Watch Dogs Legion.

  • Go to “maps” and then hover over Viaduct, now press the box button to fast travel to Viaduct station.
  • Once at the Viaduct station, take the stairs in front of you to get out of the station.
  • On your left, you will be able to the Holborn Viaduct bridge, in case you are confused, just look for a bridge with a bright working lamp.
  • Press “triangle” to open the photo mode and then place the shot on the bridge. After you have set the shot, press the “X” button to click a picture of the Holborn Viaduct bridge.
  • As soon as you take the photo, you will see +3 influence will be added to your character, and you will get the other rewards as well.

The Holborn Viaduct bridge is an important and famous landmark in London which is why Ubisoft chose it for the daily task. Photographing the Holborn Viaduct is one of the most straightforward side tasks you can get in Watch dogs legion, which is players shouldn’t miss this opportunity to earn rewards easily.

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