Best Vehicle In Hill Climb Racing & Hill Climb Racing 2

Here are the best vehicles players can pick in the game.

Hill Climb Racing and  Hill Climb Racing 2 are free racing games where players have to race their way uphill in unique and challenging terrains. It goes without saying that picking the right vehicle can be the difference between winning and losing in these games. However, with so many choices, how do players decide which vehicle to pick in Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2?

To make the task easier for players we have listed the best vehicles for both games below. These vehicles will help players bag up the wins much quicker that any other vehicle in the game.

Which Vehicle To Pick In Hill Climb Racing & Hill Climb Racing 2?


Players might get swayed by the collection of vehicles available in both games. However, the choice of the best vehicle is actually quite simple in both cases. Let us take a look at both the vehicles below. We will also explain why they are the best options for players to pick.

Best Vehicle In Hill Climb Racing

The best vehicle that players can pick in Hill Climb Racing is the Super Offroad. It offers players high speed, grip, downforce, and fair fuel consumption. Players get up to 20 upgrades for the engine, 25 for the tracks, 15 for downforce, and 15 for fuel. These upgrades can make quite a difference to a player’s performance in the game. In addition, this vehicle can sustain through any type of condition. It especially excels in difficult muddy terrain.

Best Vehicle In Hill Climb Racing 2

For the second version of the game, the best vehicle players can pick is The Super Jeep. This vehicle can be a bit tough to handle but once players get the hang of it, they will be well-rewarded. this vehicle is unlocked when players reach the Silver I rank in the game. However, players must keep in mind that this is not the fastest vehicle in the game. It is the most balanced vehicle that has the potential to do well across all types of terrains.

That is all about the best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2. For more articles like this, check out Best Similar Games To Hill Climb Racing.