How To Unlock All Characters (Beans) In Dumb Ways To Die

Do you want to unlock all the possible characters in Dumb Ways to Die? Then you should check out this guide on it.

There are more than 16 characters to unlock in Dumb Ways to Die. In the game, the characters are called beans. Every time you pass a task of saving a bean, you get closer to unlocking a new one. But is that all? There is more to getting your hands on all the beans in this way.

How to Unlock All Characters in Dumb Ways to Die

unlock all character beans in dumb ways to die

To unlock all the characters in Dumb Ways to Die you have to keep progressing with the tasks and mini-games and collect points. You also have to watch promotional videos and try to achieve a high score. Make sure to also participate in special events and earn the in-game currency. By doing all of this, you will be able to earn points. These points in turn will help you unlock all the characters.

All Character Points

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Each character has a certain number of points required for you to unlock. They are as follows –

  • Numskull: 1280000 points
  • Botch: 1479200 points
  • Ninny: 1692800 points
  • Bonehead: 1920800 point
  • Dimwit: 2163200 points
  • Putz: 288800 points
  • Dippy: 387200 points
  • Numpty: 500000 points
  • Lax: 627200 points
  • Doofus: 1095200 points
  • Stupe: 2691200 points
  • Pillock: 39200 points
  • Dummkopf: 80000 points
  • Mishap: 204800 points
  • Calamity: 768800 points
  • Stumble: 924800 points

On the home screen, where the train track is, you will see the option of unlocking the beans when you have reached the required number of points. Earning points is really easy and it is one of the simple puzzle-like games out there. The goal of the game is to create awareness, which is why the devs have not made the levels and mini-games challenging enough for the audience. Along with keeping the theme lively and fun.

So this was how to unlock all the characters in the game. If you found this article on how to unlock all the characters in Dumb Ways to Die helpful, you can also check out other gaming guides on our site.