How To Unlock All Ultimate Weapons In Chained Echoes?

There are 12 Ultimate Weapons that can be unlocked in Chained Echoes.

Rusty Weapons are a secret asset in Chained Echoes that can be used to create Ultimate Weapons. Though these weapons serve no purpose till Act 4 of the game, after that they can be used to create some of the best weapons. Players will need to unlock The Flying Smithy before they can start upgrading these weapons.

To learn more about unlocking Ultimate Weapons in Chained Echoes, check out the guide below.

Chained Echoes: How To Unlock Ultimate Weapons?


There are 12 Ultimate Weapons that can be unlocked in Chained Echoes. Players will need a Rusty Weapon and a Soul of Farnese before they can create an Ultimate Weapon in The Flying Smithy. To unlock The Flying Smithy, players need to go to the office in Nhysa Academy. Here, you will find the Elevator Key item. There is a book in this office that reveals the location of The Flying Smithy. Players can now go to the west of Valandis and find a flying island that also has west of Valandis.

Now that players know how to unlock The Flying Smithy, they might be curious to know how to unlock the different Ultimate Weapons. We have listed all the Rusty Weapon locations in the game below. Once players have obtained a Rusty Weapon, they can use a Soul of Farnese to upgrade the weapon at The Flying Smithy.

How To Get All Rusty Weapons?

There are a total of 12 Rusty Weapons that players can upgrade to Ultimate Weapons. We have explained how players can find each Rusty Weapon below.

Rusty Sword

Complete the side quest “Into the Maelstrom”.

Rusty Greatsword

Purchase this from the rat merchant in Ograne Grottos.

Rusty Spear

Complete the Heroes of Leonar Challenge where you get the Rune Knight Class Emblem.

Rusty Bow

Beat the game and complete the side quest “No Place for Happy Endings”.

Rusty Rapier

This weapon can be found inside the mansion in the middle of the lake in Rohlan Fields. The key to the door can be found just north of the Temple of Purple Flame. Players should go to the second floor and then through the secret passage inside the room. This will take them to the weapon.

Rusty Katana

Complete the side quest “Two-Winged Angel”. After completing the side quest, purchase the Rusty Katana from Norgant.

Rusty Amulet

Complete the Heroes of Leonar Challenge where you get the Pyromancer Class Emblem.

Rusty Gun

Players can find this weapon in the Fiorwoods after completing Act 4. Go to the area where NPC Jack was cutting trees to find a chest that contains the weapon.

Rusty Anchor

Go to the side quest “A Little Vacation”. The weapon is at the beach.

Rusty Gunspear

This weapon can be found in a chest in Shambala. To find the chest, go to the northeastern area and land on the top of the 3 isles on the western side. After this, jump down to a grassy isle to locate the chest.

Rusty Knuckles

Complete a 96+ chain on your Rewards Board.

Rusty Cards

Defeat all the Unique Monsters on the Rewards Board and talk to the Guild Leader in Tormund to get this weapon.

This is how players can locate all the Rusty Weapons that can be upgraded to Ultimate Weapons in Chained Echoes. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out How To Get Cutting Board In Holocure?