Top War: How To Get A Limited Hero Voucher?

A Limited Hero Voucher is quite rare in Top War.

Limited Hero Voucher can be used in the Treasure Store to buy a shard for the Navy Hero Katrina. However, the Limited Hero Voucher is quite rare and hard to obtain in Top War. This guide will explain how you can get these Vouchers in the game.

How To Get A Limited Hero Voucher In Top War?


You will need 10 Limited Hero Vouchers to unlock Katrina by purchasing the 10 required shards. Limited Hero Voucher can be gained by defeating a rare treasure guard. When you defeat a rare treasure guard, you stand to get a Limited Hero Voucher as a reward.

However, the drop rate for the Voucher is extremely low. In fact, this low drop rate is the reason that the rarity of the female pirate Katrina has shot up drastically in Top War. A majority of players are unable to get enough Limited Hero Vouchers to unlock Katrina.

That being said, Top War does seem to be making it a bit easier for players to find the Limited Hero Voucher in recent times. While earlier it used to take players 15-20 treasure guard spawns to even land a single Voucher, the numbers have improved recently. Regardless, it will still take a while for you to acquire enough shards to unlock Katrina.

However, we believe that the amount of effort it requires to unlock this particular Hero is not worth it in the end. Top War has come up with many Heroes since the introduction of Katrina that outclass her by leaps and bounds. For some reason, Top War has still kept this Hero quite hard to obtain. At this point, the only reason for getting Katrina is the novelty of adding her to your Hero collection.

That is all you need to know about getting Limited Hero Voucher in Top War. For more Top War guides, check out How To Find Player Coordinates In Top War?