Does Splitgate Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Wanna know how Skill-based matchmaking works in the Splitgate? Here's a guide that'll help you understand how matchmaking works in Splitgate

The much awaited game Splitgate is finally out and it has received an overwhelming response from both critics and gamers alike. Since it is pitched as ‘Halo meets Portal’, the gameplay of Splitgate revolves around both reality and imaginary world. Ever since its beta version was launched, fans have been wondering ‘Does Splitgate have skill based matchmaking’? If you too have the same question in your mind then don’t worry, we have you covered.

How does matchmaking works in Splitgate?

skill-based matchmaking in splitgate

Yes, Splitgate does have skill-based matchmaking. If you don’t know how it works then keep reading this post. Imagine if you are put in a match against a highly-skilled player and you are just a beginner who never played any first-shooter game. This will be a little unfair, isn’t it? Because it’s a little difficult for any low-skilled player to compete against a highly-skilled player.

While responding to fan’s queries on Reddit, the devs have clearly mentioned that they only want a loose skill based matchmaking in Splitgate.

“We basically want a balance, where we’re not going to throw a professional player into a match with a brand new user who’s never played the game before,” the devs wrote on Reddit.

The skill-based matchmaking in Splitgate makes sure that every low-skilled player is paired with another low-skilled player and the same for the high-skilled players. It makes sure that everyone will have a fair competition in the game.

Splitgate not only has a skill-based ranking system but also has a ranking system. There are 8 different ranks from Brass to Champion. For every rank, you need to have certain points to go to the next rank. Get the top rank and become a highly-skilled player in Splitgate.

This is how skill-based matchmaking works in Splitgate giving everyone a fair chance in every match. Want to find out about what is a ranking system is in Splitgate? Check this guide out!